Current trends for optimizing your website to bring a site’s organic ranking to the top is highly dependent on high quality and constant flow of back links. It doesn’t matter to many of us how Google will update its algorithms, but back links will always be counted as a main fundamental for ranking (unless not pull down by social media).

Here, we provide the top TEN link-building ideas for an e-commerce store for beginners:

1. Start blogging

Nowadays corporate blogging is counted as a more genuine way to connect your customers. The moment you began blogging, people start commenting on your posts, share them among their own circle and in social media, thus adding back links, and spreading the news about your business.  More importantly, it’s not necessary that every time you create the content on your own, but instead accept guest bloggers who are always looking to exchange a quality backlink for free content.

2. Post on niche forums

We’re not discussing just spamming forums here. Being an owner of e-commerce store, you’re an expertise at what you sell, so provide free knowledge to people asking questions about your industry.  An addition to a link to your site in the forum signature section, you are being credibility with your target audience.

3. Get involved in niche organizations and local business associations

In this way, you can successfully establish good business contacts offline, sharing experience, availing new ideas, partners, customers, friends, and many more. Further, your e-commerce store will remain attached within the member area of the association’s site. This will help in generating more backlinks from a recognized and authoritative resource.

4. Donate to local charities and nonprofit organizations

Search for those charities and nonprofit organizations that remain linked to their donor’s sites. It will be a win-win situation, if you do the donation to such organizations. As a matter of fact, these organizations will get financial support for their cause, and you will get a high quality link.

5. Sponsor/organize contests and giveaways

Organize lots of contests or just sponsor them will create another way to attract some more links. Find those bloggers who organize contest actively for their valuable readers. Take their help in organizing a contest on your blog promoting your company, or simply follow their ideas and practices and do something alike or differently (make sure that creativity is the key factor for online success!!!)

6. Create a coupon code

Coupons have become part of our lives, and usually every shopper will search for a coupon code on a store before making a purchase.

Choose a discount coupon code, and submit it into coupon sharing websites and blogs. Many of these sites will offer a do follow link to the store site. This technique will not only help in developing link building but also in increasing brand awareness.

Over excessiveness is always harmful, so do with the coupons. Customers will not purchase your products or services full price, the moment they realize the next coupon is near by.

7. Offer products for review

Find relevant and influential website owners in your area who can write about your products and service, from a ‘REVIEW’ point of view. Internet statistics show that up to 90% of customers take buying decisions online, and most of them also look at the date of each of these reviews and customer’s opinions. This way, you not only get link towards your website but also attract your upcoming customers.

8. Issue news releases

Always use online press release distribution services for the submission of news / press releases. You will be surprised at how fast your news with a link to your site can spread on the web. To begin with, submit a news release on your online store in the local newspaper’s online version or in chamber of commerce newsletter.

9. Submit your online store to directories

Create awareness about your site in search engine directories, social shopping sites, and other highly regarded directories that have known to provide thematic grouping of e-commerce websites. This may take some time but the importance & recognition will get an edge over competition.

10. Plan and track your link-building efforts

Lastly, your link building campaign is said to be successful only if done with advance preparation. Moreover, availability of special SEO software will assist you in your link building efforts. You can also use a backlink checker for tracking your own link building results, and can spy on your competitors: acquire their list of back links, do analyzation of their SEO value and have the same ones. Moreover, link exchange software can be used to acquire partnership suggestions, to create link directories and to manage your link-building correspondence.