Using Google Keyword Tool

Among other functions, the Google Adwords keyword tool plays a vital role in effective SEO. All know the role of SEO on internet and the benefits it brings. If you ever plan to optimize your web content, you will definitely come across this tool.

While the Adwords tool is used for PPC (pay per click), the keyword tool is used to identify the most relevant keywords for any subject; when I say “relevant”, it refers to the most searched keywords with the least possible competition. It increases your chances to be more visible on Internet and attracts loads of traffic. Appropriate use of keywords can help you be noticed easily. The Google keyword tool is an amazing online source to search keywords, evaluate competition, know the CPC (cost per click), and measure the results. To be able use this tool, you should first understand the basic terminologies associated with it. Therefore, the next time when you access the Google keyword tool, here’s what you should follow:

1. Evaluate your subject

Refer to the keyword tool right from the start. Once you have decided on the subject you wish to write about, search for the most relevant keywords that you can use. For example, if your content’s main subject is “LCD TVs”, try and put a related phrase in the search like “Best LCD TVs”, or “Top 10 LCD TVs”. Check the box which says “only show ideas closely related to my search” to narrow down your keyword search. Further, add your location in the specified field, and check the box, which says “Exact” on the left side to have results that are more reliable. Evaluation from the starting of the correct keyword will help you to get it right. Research it well and then head for it.

2. Include average CPC

Average CPC (cost per click) refers to the amount of money an advertiser is ready to pay for the specified keywords. As we all seek monitory benefits from our websites, average CPC is an important factor in choosing the right keyword. Above the search results table, you will notice a little box which says “Choose Columns to Display”. Select the one which says “Show Estimated Avg CPC” to include this parameter in the search table. If you see none of your searched keywords are paying well, change the keywords and search again (go through “Additional keyword to consider” for suggestions).

3. Analyze your online competition

Most of the people check for the maximum searched keywords and add them to their content which is a worthless technique. Before you fix on the keywords you are going to use, you should first analyze the online competition you will have to face. To outrank a successful website based on the same subject as yours, you would need time, money, and a lot of hard work. Analyze if you can beat the top website with slowly building and optimizing your content. If the top websites are way above yours in every parameter considered by the search engines for ranking, you might want to change your keywords and prefer a low competition battle.

Google keyword tool can help you collect all the basic information around your thought out content. You should also learn about the Google’s latest Adwords keyword suggestion tool to extract information from your competitor websites, and follow the successful trends. Take baby steps and use the right tools that can help you accomplish your aims.

Quick Tips

  1. Be very precise in selecting the keyword.
  2. Evaluate research and then get it right.
  3. If you choose the correct word, than it will help you in being noticed easily.