If you are a small business owner, there are many concerns to attend to but one of the supreme fears of a many executives today is that the payment of their clients. Most corporate offices find the billing and invoicing a bit difficult. Most of the times you have to deal with different clients who want to pay and you must determine how much. Then, having done with it, you create an invoice electronically or printed and deliver or send via mail to the customer. You have to track when the invoices are already sent, paid, and follow up with those who need a reminder for that he could forget.

If you still use paper billing, it can be quite messy, and when problems arise, you need to browse and search all the paper records to verify the problem. It is already a waste of time and sometimes the present, work gets late and customer service failure. This scenario affects businesses, small or large. This is where the online billing and invoicing comes to your rescue and help you to send invoices and receive payments.

Some of the web portal understood this need and hence, created an application where you could create a free account and add more clients to start sending the bills. Between sending and managing invoices, tracking time and expenses, making calculations and instant form of billing there is no reason to buy boxes or drawers to store files and pounds and can easily be adjusted according to demand.

It also makes your workplace clean and green do not rely on the use of more paper. These applications are quite safe. The online billing system allows you to receive your payments on time and get to easily track your account. Web invoicing is crucial to any type of online business today. Many companies are involved in providing online billing & invoicing to a large number of people who are in online business today.

Here are some of the online billing services to create and send invoices easily and safely.

1. Invoicera

Invoicera is one of the most popular online invoicing and billing software / applications to companies, service providers and professionals, which gives them great experience in creating, sending invoices and processing of numerous transaction tasks. Invoicera, wonderful application is the perfect combination of three key features, such as online billing, invoicing and time tracking solution, together with other additional surprising properties.

Other striking features supported by Invoicera are-:

  • Invoice Scheduling
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Gateways support.
  • Set periodic tasks to do.
  • Multiple Language and Currency Support
  • Recurring invoices with Auto Billing
  • Apply late fees payment to invoices
  • Access Invoicera from Google Apps
  • Customize your Invoice Templates.
  • Send invoices as PDF, e-mail or have clients access them
  • Online Report generation of invoices, clients, payments etc

With Invoicera, you can have complete control over your invoices. Its interface is easy to use, but professional invoices in fact make it one of the best online invoicing applications.

2. CurdBee

CurdBee is an online system, which aims to take the hassle out of billing and invoicing for small businesses and freelancers. When you are working with CurdBee, designing professional invoices and estimates is as simple as uploading the company’s logo and selecting a color model.

Features of curdbee:

  • Create unlimited invoices and add clients
  • Manage invoices from a single page
  • Support for multiple currency types
  • Insert custom logos into invoices
  • Create professional looking invoices
  • E-mail support to send invoices to clients directly
  • Pro version supports encryption, PDF, taxes and discounts
  • Support for multiple online payment gateways like Google Checkout and PayPal

The upgraded version offers great services for charge as low as $5 per month free. Upgrading to pro-version you can send thank you emails after receiving payments, set reminders and many extra features.

3. Rapid Billing

Rapid billing is the most advanced web billing application available in the market today. Rapid billing has been especially designed for small and mid-sized enterprises. Rapid billing is the most reliable, flexible and scalable billing application, while dramatically reducing operating costs.

Features Of Rapid Billing:

  • Import Export Customers
  • Create a Customer record
  • Create New Service Items
  • Online Account Statements
  • Set up Reminders and tax rates
  • Accept Credit Cards or PayPal only
  • Online Payments for your Customers
  • Predefined Communication Templates
  • Create Automated Recurring Billing instructions.

Rapid Billing is an absolute solution for your invoicing and recurring billing. It is designed and optimized for small and mid-size enterprises that want a low cost billing solution.

4. Zoho Invoice http://invoice.zoho.com/

Zoho Invoice is the simplest way to invoice your customers. It can create, send and manage invoices online. Using Zoho Invoice lets you track your customer payments and accept online payments from your customers. In this section, let us take a quick look at some of its invoicing features –

  • Manage Invoices Online
  • Accept Payments Online
  • Safe and secure
  • Invoice in Multiple Currencies and Languages
  • Invite, Share and Collaborate
  • Automate repeat invoices
  • Assess late fees automatically

With Zoho invoice, you can enjoy these features, which give it an edge over other invoice services, which charges monthly subscription for similar features.

5. Ronin App

Ronin App is a ratio of online billing and customer service management that saves time and improve your customer relationships. This great application allows you to quickly create and send invoices to customers, making you look more professional and help you keep better records of business initiatives.

Features of Ronin App

  • Time-tracking built in
  • Send estimates and get approval.
  • Track and re-bill expenses.
  • Customize your invoices with your own HTML/CSS.
  • Send invoices and estimates in multiple currencies.
  • Set up recurring invoices with custom time intervals.
  • PayPal or Authorize.Net Add a convenience cost to cover fees.

Ronin is a simple online invoicing and time tracking solution. It is ideal for small businesses and freelancers and is designed to make you look more professional.


Author Bio: This post is contributed by Steven Smith, an Editor of smallbusinessfriends.com, a business blog that shares tips and information about various business related topics. You can follow him at @SmallBizFriends.