So are you optimizing your pages the right way???

Brad Fallon, a leading search marketer, discussed a great way to structure your keywords/phrases on your website. He broke it up into 3 tiers.

I will use the example he uses on his Stompernet video. Brad owns an ecommerce site, selling wedding favors.

1st Tier Keywords

First, you should optimize your homepage for the main keywords you want to rank for. These keywords are normally the hardest to rank for and are highly searched. As you can see in the example his main phrase that he wants to rank for is “Wedding Favors”. So he has the name of his business at the beginning of the title tag, as well as other modifiers like “unique” and “bridal” wedding favors.

2nd Tier Keywords
Second, you should optimize your interior pages for keywords that include your main keywords, along with a modifier, like a specific category or service. These keywords are searched less but are much more qualified. In the example, he is optimizing a category page for “Elegant Wedding Favors”. He has added a modifier while still using the main phrase he wants to rank for. Notice that he has a H1 tag that says “Elegant Wedding Favors” as well.

3rd Tier Keywords

Third, you should optimize your product pages for specific product, model, or id numbers. These are keywords that are rarely searched for but are highly targeted. Usually when people are searching for specific products, they are ready to buy customers. For example, he optimized this product for the specific name of the product. He is hoping that if someone is looking for a silver-plated placecard holder, that this page will show up in the results.