A Facebook Fan Page is more than just a way for fans of your business to keep up with your status updates.  It has turned into your company’s secondary website that can be used as a traffic and lead generating machine.  Recently I came across the OneUpWeb Facebook Fan Page and was blown away by what they were able to accomplish.

The Wall

OneUpWeb keeps their wall updated with the latest OneUpWeb blog posts, podcasts, reviews and news. They also share links to relevant content from across the web that they feel their fans would find interesting. To make it easier to update, they chose to use the Hootsuite Twitter client that allows you to submit to your Facebook Fan Page when you tweet something.  There are other Twitter clients that will do the same, however Hootsuite seems to be the easier to use.

Newsletter Signup

The OneUpWeb newsletter has it’s own tab that uses FBML to allow the user to sign-up for the newsletter within Facebook and to use a custom design to entice users to fill out the form.  The award winning newsletter is another way for OneUpWeb to keep in touch with their fans and help promote content, build their brand, and share updates.

Eye-Tracking Study on Real-Time Results

OneUpWeb creates a number of whitepapers that have become extremely viral and are very well known within the Internet Marketing industry. Instead of just promoting their whitepapers on the site, they have created landing pages for each of their whitepapers.  The custom design makes the page fun and engaging.  The “Download” button sticks out and makes the user want to click through.  Once you click the download button it will take you to their landing page on their website, where the user can either download the whitepaper, or have the option to download and have someone from OneUpWeb follow up with them.

Eye-Tracking Study on Social Networks

The eye-tracking analysis on social networking sites is a great compliment to other whitepapers out there that talk about eye-tracking for typical SERPs for Google, Yahoo and Bing. As you can start to see, there is a design consistency between all of the whitepapers, making it easy for the user to read each landing page.  You will also start to see a seamless transition in terms of branding from their Facebook page to their website.

Holiday Report

This Holiday Shopping Report was a huge success, earning a lot of buzz and inbound links.  Using another custom designed landing page, with the consistent “Download” button, it is yet another lead generation mechanism on their Facebook Fan Page.

Corn Farmer

This is a really innovative and engaging video that is a story about “How SEO Killed the Corn Farmer”.  This flash-based video tells a story that you would feel has nothing to do with SEO, but at the end they describe how this story relates to Search Engine Optimization.  You will just have to watch the video to find out why???

Twitter Application

There is a new Twitter application created by Involver that can be integrated into your Facebook Fan Page that will display your latest tweets, your friends, and a link to follow that users tweets.  This is a great way to pull in all of your Twitter updates and exposure your Facebook fans to your Twitter account.

This is just one way of how you can use Facebook to drive traffic back to your website, gain leads, and improve your overall social media strategy.  There are other great examples, that I would recommend you check out, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Starbucks, and Redbull.  I think what we can all take away from this case study is that your Facebook Fan Page and other social profiles can be just as effective as your main website or blog.

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