If you are like me, you have multiple identities when it comes to blog commenting. I comment with several identities for my own blog, my work, blogs I guest post on, and also my article marketing profiles. As you can imagine, this gets somewhat confusing and exhausting, entering the different information.

Even if you are only commenting for one site, you still may have the need for multiple profiles. For example:

  • Some sites only allow you to use your real name when commenting.
  • Some allow you to use keywords as anchor text for your link.
  • Some allow you to use your name@your keywords via the KeywordLuv plugin.

Easy Comment for Firefox

The Easy Comment plugin for Firefox allow you to enter multiple commenting profiles to switch between when commenting. It will auto fill in your name, email address, and website on standard comment forms that provide those fields.

Once you install the plugin, you will be able to access it in the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser. Simply right click on Easy Comment and select Manage Profiles.

Easy Comment Plugin for Firefox Menu

Click on the Create Profile to start entering your commenting identities. Be sure to name each new profile in a way that will be easy to remember.

Easy Comment Plugin for Firefox

Then, whenever you are on a blog and ready to comment, simply right click on the Easy Comment and select the profile you want to use. If it is already selected (or you only have one), just click on Easy Comment and it will fill in your information.

The Downside

Unfortunately, this will not work on blogs using any commenting system that requires you to login. But for the rest, you should be able to use it to make your commenting simpler.

Word of Caution

One word of caution. Yes, there is an option to fill in some default comment text as well. But it is never a good idea to use a generic comment on every blog post you visit.

While dealing with a situation where Disqus was duplicating comments, I realized that good comments were ones that are easy to associate with a specific blog post. If I came across one and couldn’t decide which post it belonged to, that was not a good sign.

Your Commenting Toolkit

Do you have a favorite tool or plugin to make blog commenting for traffic simpler? Let us know in the comments below!