social-mobile-solutions-thumbAt present, it is the era of social media. Social media is now being used to promote businesses and raise awareness about various matters which are in public interest.  Social media marketing is a new and path breaking effort in the field of marketing that is being used both by startups and big businesses. Now that social media has turned mobile, its reach has increased phenomenally.

What is Mobile Social Media?

The usage of social media in tandem with mobile gadgets is known as mobile social media. Since mobile social media can only be used on mobile gadgets, it has a number of differences with conventional social media. Features like time and location sensitivity have been included to enhance relationship with the customers.

Mobile Social Media: A new horizon

The innovative concept of mobile social media has brought in a sea change in the way companies and businesses promote their products. The time and location sensitivity feature of mobile social media has added new opportunities to the portfolio of opportunities that the businesses previously enjoyed by using the conventional form of social media.

How is mobile social media helping businesses flourish?

With the advent of mobile social media, the following things have happened:

1) Improved Communication

Communication via social media on mobile can be categorized into business to customer communication and user-generated content. The business tries to build up a relationship with the customer on the basis of the place where it is situated and also by offering feedbacks regarding their locations around that area.

2) Marketing research

Mobile social media is also playing a key role in marketing research. Various apps are now being used to procure data regarding customer behavior in an elaborate manner. This helps businesses fix their strategies in line with that behavior or action. Technologies currently make it possible for any business to ascertain the precise time when a customer is visiting a retail store. Subsequently, they can also see how the customer felt by reading his comments posted on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

3) Discounts and promotional activities to boost sales

Mobile social media has facilitated the process of informing the customers about any forthcoming offer that any business is planning to launch or any new discount on their products and services. The idea of printed coupons or vouchers is now a matter of the past.

4) Loyalty programs and building association with the customers

Now customers can take part in various loyalty programs launched by companies.  Customers just need to check in on their mobile at particular sites to gain points which they can subsequently redeem by availing attractive discounts.

5) E-commerce

Sites like Pinterest and are using apps to promote e-commerce or online buying of things by customers.

How various social media sites and apps are working for the development of mobile social media

FourSquare and Facebook places

The app which has been developed for Facebook and Foursquare is known as space timer. It is a time and location sensitive app where communications can be made with respect to a particular location at a particular point of time.

Facebook and Twitter

The mobile app developed for these two sites is known as quick timer. Here conventional social media apps can be channelized to mobile gadgets. This ensures higher instancy. Whenever you post something on Facebook or Twitter, people in your network get instant notifications about it as it is time sensitive in nature.

Wikipedia and YouTube Videos

The app which has been developed for Wikipedia and YouTube is known as slow timer and this is not a time sensitive or location sensitive app. You can channelize social media apps to mobile gadgets in a convenient manner with this app.

Qype and Yelp

Networking sites like Yelp and Qype have come up with the concept of space locators where the communication is carried out with respect to a particular location. Tagging is done to a specific area and it is subsequently viewed by others. The app is location sensitive.

Mobile Social Network: Where is it heading?

Mobile social network enables people with same type of interests to communicate and associate with each other on their tablet PCs or other varieties of mobile gadgets. Studies conducted by Nielsen and NM Incite show that social networking through mobile is skyrocketing at an unbelievable pace and the usage of mobile devices is contributing in the growth of social media networks. A number of mobile social networking sites have been created to facilitate easier communication such as the Radar, the Group Texter, the Dating Service, the GeoTagger, the Media Share and the Social Networker. Mobile gaming is also on the rise.

In fact, more people are using social media networks on their mobiles than on their personal computers.