There are different views on whether effective blog commenting can bring some real value to a blog or website. Some say posting comments on blogs is an excellent way of attracting visitors’ attention. There are others who believe blog commenting as a marketing strategy is a complete waste of time.

Let me first genuinely admit that I am a great supporter of leaving comments on niche blogs. And let me back it up why I find commenting an effective marketing strategy.

Commenting on blogs brings benefits because –

  • It adds value to a blog post.
  • It helps you connect with potential bloggers.
  • It helps you establish your expertise.
  • It leads to discussions (which help you find truth).
  • It makes you an active member of the blog community.
  • It helps you build links (if you comment on do-follow blogs).
  • It drives indirect visitors to your blog or website.
  • It motivates you.

Most importantly, Blog commenting is a lot of fun. By being an active commenter, you don’t only motivate yourself as a blogger, but motivate others to click the link (posted in your comments) and have a look at your blog.

Blog Commenting is a Waste of Time for Whom?

I entirely disagree with all those people who favor the statement: ‘blog commenting as a powerful online marketing tool is a complete waste of time’. Commenting on blogs is a big time-waster for those who indulge in ‘blog comment spam’.

Spammers will never be able to see the dawn of the day!

Somebody said that blog commenting will bring immediate traffic (and tons of backlinks) to your blog, and you outsourced your blog commenting, started spamming or began using an automated software to get the task done in order to grow your blog or website. You are making a serious mistake!

Blog comment spam can certainly be a good tactic if you want to damage the reputation of your blog.

There’s a sky of a difference between ‘sensible’ comments and ‘bullshit’ comments. Which category do you belong to?

Commenting on Blogs Does Bring Benefits!

Serious commenting is all about actively participating in a conversation. If fact, it’s about adding value to a discussion by sharing your own thoughts and view points. It’s about building relationships.

How many times did you leave comments that really added some value to a blog post? Think about it.

Frankly speaking, blog commenting is a kind of give-and-take relationship. If you don’t do anything to add value by participating in a conversation, what can you expect from others (participants)? Are you going to grab attention?

Blog commenting is certainly an effective marketing strategy for those who understand the true essence of it. If you have the ability to help people discover the truth by having a conversation, you can immediately grab attention.

So, my advice to all those who want to reap the maximum benefits from blog commenting is – ‘Think before you comment’.