What comes to your mind when you see, hear or read about photo books? The truth is we all tend to picture some personal mementos like books for weddings, birthday and other personal events. These are, of course, among the major matches for a photo book, but they are not all. In reality, we can also use photo books as an effective medium for business campaigns; especially to promote brand and products along with other unconventional marketing methods – when it comes to attracting and retaining the attention of potential customers, yes photo books work great. They can help to highlight your products, services and to improve the public image of your business while gaining it even more exposure.

So how can you pull this off and take advantage of these benefits? You will agree with me that among other factors that have the ability to attract and hold the attention of potential customers, anything that appeals to their sense of sight has been recorded with great success. That said; think of those areas of your business where you need just this one quality to reach more people.
Now what comes to mind; you’re usually stuffed business office, monthly newsletter that goes out to thousands of subscribers, annual business seminars that attract hundreds of thousands of participants, or your huge employee database? Believe me, you can find a way to make photo books work in all these events.

How? Okay, here are a few of the ways you can start using photo books for business campaigns. But first you should know there was no guess works here. All these methods have been tested and proven, and you will only need to try each out to see how much value it will add to your business.

A Sales Tool

Do you feel you are often been held off reaching some potential clients? It often seems they don’t have time for calls and never bother to get engaged in meetings? It is time to change your strategy. Common sense should tell you there can be more success with a method that is less intrusive. And one of the best methods that qualify here is the use of photo books. Want to discuss a new product or service? Send the client a well designed and printed photo book that will get their attention, feed them all the information that is required and even serve as a reminder that they would hold unto to catch up with you at their own pace.

Display a Photo Book in Your Business Office

It’s time to put your office waiting room to some good use. A business photo book can give your guests ample insight on what products or services your offer and how it can benefit them. This will help you accomplish a couple of things:

• Teach clients a bit more about your company before meeting you in person
• Provide them basic information about your business and peak their interest towards doing business with you
• Make your time more productive by taking the introductory parts of the discussion aside while allowing you focus on what matters with the client

Highlight Special Products

If your business just launched a new product or services, a photo book is a good way to introduce it to the world. With a high resolution image accompanied with well written descriptions, will help you show the product in an enticing and sophisticated pattern. This will allow you to create a positive first impression about the product with your clients while giving potential customers a detailed account of what the product is all about. If your products are also listed online, make sure your products are found in Google.

Hand Them Out To Potential Clients

During meetings, or any other gathering where either you or your marketing team has the chance to meet with potential clients, it is important to have a few copies of photo books to hand out. During such chance encounters where you may not have all the required time to explain what your business does in details, a well printed photo book will help finish the job just after a few introductory message from you.

Create Photo Books for Your Employees

Do you often have employee refreshments, birthday celebrations, annual seminars, or seasonal camping? You can capture memories of these moments in a well designed and printed photo book and use it as part of a seasonal gift to your employees.

Now you can see; with top notch design and high print quality, photo books can be applied to both small and large businesses. This is a marketing tool that can set your company, products or services apart from competitors.