A high-traffic blog can be monetized in a number of ways. Though many people will just be happy not advertising online, there are others who think blogs offer a great opportunity to make some extra money and they must be utilized for the very purpose. And one of the best ideas to earn an additional income from a blog is by running affiliate programs on it.

Since there are so many affiliate programs (featuring thousands of products) to choose from, making the right decision can prove to be a difficult one. If you take a look around, affiliate advertising programs are fetching a good amount of money to bloggers. Well, you too can earn by participating at such programs.

The point is you need to choose affiliate programs which best suit your blog requirements. If you are confused about what kind of affiliate ads you should run on your blog, given below are some key tips that you can use.

Step into Your Readers’ Shoes
You might be receiving plenty of traffic to your blog. They visit the pages on your blog on a regular basis. While browsing, they may also be interested in finding some specific products, according to their requirements. It is, therefore, important to identify what type of products they will want to purchase. In addition, you need to use some key ‘triggers’ that could compel them to purchase products they are looking for. So, always choose to advertise those products which fulfill the requirements of your audience.

Advertise Only Reputed Products
In an effort to make money quickly, it’s quite easy to get desperate with advertising products which you may not like yourself. On the other hand, advertising products which are cheap can also do a lot of harm to your blog’s reputation. It’s important to choose only those products which you really believe in. If you want to make money through affiliate programs, you need to help people with their problems. Advertise only the best products or companies that have a good reputation in the market.

Don’t Ignore the Price Range of Products
Apart from the quality of products that you advertise on your blog, the price range also matters a lot. In order to monetize your blog, you should always choose a price range which matches the type of audience you attract. If you choose a product with a high price, people may not buy. On the other hand, low-priced products will not fetch you a decent income.

Location of Ads Plays a Vital Role
While using affiliate advertising to earn some extra cash from your blog, you need to pay careful attention to the positioning of ads. Bloggers should place links or ads in places where they have the maximum chances of being clicked. The top section of the sidebar (preferably left) is always the best place to put your ads on. Positioning links right where a blog post ends is yet another good idea to grab the attention of readers quickly.

Measure Your Progress
Though affiliate programs offer an excellent opportunity to make money from your blog, you may not always be successful in your first attempts. Unless you go knee-deep into it, you won’t find what actually works and what doesn’t. Therefore, always use those affiliate programs that offer a sophisticated measurement system to track growth. If you keep a regular watch on the results, you can fine-tune the strategy according to your specific requirements.

Are you running affiliate programs on your blog? Please feel free to share your views and experiences in the comment section below.