If you needed one more reason to switch Twitter clients, well here you go.  Hootsuite released their iPhone application today, that will allow you to perform all of the functions the web application can do, on the go.  Even with the long list of twitter iPhone apps currently available like Tweetie, Twitterific, and Tweetstack, they have no match for the new Hootsuite app.  The new twitter app will be the first to allow you to view tweet statistics, schedule future tweets, and manage multiple accounts.

Key features of HootSuite for iPhone include:
  • Customizable user interface with sortable tabs and columns
  • Easy navigation thanks to column swiping
  • Schedule tweets
  • Update multiple accounts at once
  • Save searches
  • Track statistics
  • Share photos
  • Import and expand lists
  • Explore trending topics
Watch the demo:

As you can see from the demo, this app will be able to do everything you are use to doing with Hootsuite, just from your mobile.  I am looking forward to downloading the app and seeing if the usability is as good or better than Tweetie.

Hootsuite iPhone App ($1.99)