What is one of the biggest challenges with trying to build a list?

… trying to get them to enter their personal contact info.  Most people are very guarded when it comes to giving their name and email address away, mainly out of fear of being spammed.  So how can you brake that fear?  How about getting someone to subscribe to your list, WITHOUT having to enter their contact information.

FB Opt-In App is your answer.

Massive List Building and Conversion Rates!

How about taking a user to a squeeze page that gives them the option to ‘Connect with Facebook’.  Its been proven that this subscriber method has produced extremely high conversions and acquires verified email addresses!

Here’s exactly how it works: when someone clicks on your Optin App link, they’re taken to the “Request for Permission” page at Facebook. If they Allow the App, they are added to your list and sent to the “Landing Page” set in your autoresponder code or back office.

! You can now customize your “Request for Permission” page with YOUR name and photo!

Instant Squeeze Page Generator

You can make squeeze pages like the one below in minutes! Just create a new page in WordPress, select a template, enter a headline, and select a few options…Your squeeze page is instantly created and ready to get subscribers!

The 411

Guys, with about 1/2 a BILLION (yes with a B) active users on Facebook, this is becoming a mainstream method of providing contact information, without feeling like you are invading their privacy.  This is a fair nice additional to your list building toolkit…and an affordable cost to ALL.

Click here to get it now!