Imagine walking down your city’s main thoroughfare one morning and you turn the corner to see a massive black and white sporadically-checkered pattern sprawled out on the side of a building in the shape of a square. Immediately you peg it as one of those QR codes you see printed in magazines and on the sides of shipping containers. You get out your nifty smartphone, access the bar code reader you downloaded last week (because it’s free) and hold your camera up to focus in on the huge QR code presented before you. Meanwhile, several other pedestrians are doing the same thing nearby. Who knows how many people can see such a massive display? At any rate, the scanned bar code takes you to a website notifying you of a new club opening in that building. Whether you’re a club hound or not, surely you’d admit that was a worthy marketing ploy.

Potential of the QR Code

The QR code has tremendous potential for powering your business’s web traffic. While it may or may not be suitable for custom golf shirts and other standard promotional wears (it’d probably be most effective printed on the back of a T-shirt if you were to go with the clothing option), the QR code can be printed from just about anywhere, slapped onto just about anything, and turns into an instant and even permanent portal for people to visit your website.

By the end of this year statistics project that the smartphone will outsell the feature phone in the United States. That means more mobile phone users than not will be armed with the ability to scan QR codes with their devices. While not every smartphone user is familiar with their phone’s bar code scanning ability, they will. Not everyone knows what the QR code is as opposed to traditional bar codes, but that will change too. This is going to become a popular gimmick because clever marketers are going to start implementing it, starting now.

The Future of the QR Code

By 2015 mobile internet traffic is going to be 400% more than it is today. So much of your market is going to be funneled through mobile devices that there’s no way you can justify not taking advantage of the connectivity of QR codes. They’re an effective way to reach out to people and gain some mobile web traffic in the process. As an Internet marketer you simply can’t do better than that.

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