Recently I have been speaking to a few companies about content development.  During our discussions a lot of questions were asked around the type of content that should be produced.  What I explained to them were that are different types of content and strategies available.  It comes down to the internal resources that are available, time, money and their current position in the market.

Most importantly it comes down to taking action….

Subject Matter Experts Can Think Outside the Box

Let’s face it, for marketing agencies, they are not the experts in each of their clients industries.  I’m sure a professional content writer could do some research and rehash some content that would sound pretty good.  HOWEVER, to come up with content that is 100% unique that would be considered “thought-leading” content, would need to be created by a subject matter expert that is entrenched in the industry.

So a big question you need to ask yourself is, are you building content for only search engines or for users and credibility as well?  Hopefully you said all of the above.  Devoting SME resources to help with content development can dramatically increase your SEO by others wanting to share content of the HIGHEST value, not just things you have read 100 times.

Use Appealing Formatting

Even an article or blog post that is just OK, can appear to be better than it is, simply by using clean and proper formatting.  Using things like attractive headline fonts, good use of spacing, images/video, quotes, links, bullet points, numbered lists, etc…can make posts easier to read and can seem better than a boring paragraph of great content.

Bad Example

Good Example

You Need an Audience!

Regardless of if you create awesome content…if nobody finds it, its like it was never there.  That is why CONSISTENCY is huge!  The blogs that do extremely well are the ones that keep create high value content after high value content.  Most people give up before they can reap the true benefits.

Let me ask you this….

If you read a really good blog post, does that give you enough to want to subscribe to their RSS feed?  Sign-Up for their newsletter? Buy a product or service from them?

Probably not.  Similar to repeat brand exposure on TV, it takes multiple exposures for someone to remember something long term.  That is why you need to keep creating consistent content of value.  Every time a user comes back to your site, you are build rapport, authority, and your brand.

Use Unique Content Delivery Methods

Try to spice up your content by thinking outside the box.  Instead of explaining a sequence of events, try showing it visually by creating a professional Infographic.  Instead of sending a plain text email to your subscribers, try sending a video email.  Instead of a text interview, try doing a live video chat.

Think of unique ways that will keep your audience engaged.  Don’t just create a 300-500 word text post, just because its fast and easy.

Your Turn…

If you want your blog or brand to be noticed online, you need to be Knowledgeable, Consistent, Appealing, and Daring to Try New Things!

Tell me about some of the things you are doing to take your content from good to great!  What are you doing that is attractive an audience and keeping your readers coming back???