For any company or internet marketer who is looking to better optimize their website for the search engines, it can be a huge time saver to have software that can gather important site data that the search engine analyze when ranking your site.  Meet the new and improved Website Auditor 2.0.  This powerful piece of software and SEO tool, can help you to quickly gather everything you will need to better optimize your site.  From on-page SEO, to Social Media data, to various off-site SEO data; Website Auditor will do it all.

I have tried lots of different SEO software products, including WebCEO and IBP, and truly beleive Website Auditor has an edge over the others.  For the most part they all provide similar data, however Website Auditor is able to create clean reports that are super easy to understand.  The problem I was having with the other products, we it was more like a data dump of information, which made it hard to make anything from the reports.  Not the case with Website Auditor.

Check out why it is so clean and simple to use.

Tour of Website Auditor 2.0 Reports

For starters, Website Auditor will provide you all of the high-level data about a website to give you a birds-eye view of the site.  That includes PR, Alex Rank, Pages Indexed, Inbound Links, Domain Age, Traffic Estimates (Compete), Domain IP Address, and if you are listing in directories like DMOZ and Yahoo.

PR Distribution

What I love about Website Auditor, is not only do they provide your PageRank for your homepage, but the distribution of PageRank across ALL of your pages on your site.  This makes it extremely easy to identify the pages that search engines find most valuable.  It can also identify opportunities in your SEO strategy, for pages that need attention to increase their organic visibility.

Top 10 Linked to Pages

The top 10 linked-to pages will show you which pages on your site are receiving the most inbound links.  For anyone with a blog, this can help to show which pages are gaining the most popularity and what topics are more likely to used as link bait.

HTTP Status Code

What I love about the HTTP status report is that it is very clean and easy to read.  You can see a high level overview of which pages are OK, as well as other pages that are either being redirected or are receiving the dreaded 404 error.  Personally I have seen sites that have hundreds and even thousands of 301 redirects, which is not necessarily good for SEO.   Using this report you can clean up the site and minimize the 301 redirects and 404 errors, making your site much cleaner and better organized.

Pages Indexed

The # of pages indexed is a very important report to analyze.  Why?  Because if a search engine doesn’t know about certain pages on your site, you have no chance of that page getting ranked.  Using this report you can identify and work at getting ALL of those deep pages indexed by the search engines.  You can drill down to see which pages you need to drive more links to and work on your internal link structure, so that more pages start to get indexed.

Link Destination

I thought this was a pretty cool report, that no other SEO software provides.  This will show you the number and percentage of links that point to internal pages within your site, versus links that go to external websites. This can be useful if you notice that you have very few internal links, it can be correlated to the number of pages that are indexed.

Optimize Specific Pages

Another awesome feature is the ability to optimize and focus on individual pages within your site that you are trying to get ranked organically.  Website Auditor will scan your site and pull information on each page/post on your site.  You can then click any of the pages to further analyze.

After it has completed the analysis, it will give you a bunch of data to show you which aspects of the page need to be improved.  In the graphic below you will see that the page titles need to be reworked to better optimize for the terms I am going for.

It will also check the competitors in Google for the terms I am trying to rank for, to have a better idea as to how hard it will be to rank with or above them.

Other Awesome Features

  • Manage Multiple Projects: Easily manage multiple client projects so that you can quickly pull reports, update statistics, and analyze the data.
  • Scheduling: One of my favorite features is you can set it and forget it.  Schedule when you want the software to run and it will automatically update your projects while you sleep.
  • Branded Reporting: If you are going to be showing these reports to a client, you want them to look professional and have the same look and feel of your company branding.  Easily add your company information and logo to make a seamless report.
  • Software Updates: Since the search engines are always making updates, it can cause the software to not be able to access certain data.  With the automatic updates, you will be able to stay up-to-date and make sure you can pull in all of the necessary data.

Other SEO Powersuite Products

SEO Powersuite offers not only Website Auditor 2.0, but a whole suite of Internet Marketing products to help you automate tasks that could save you hours and hours if you did manually.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is made up of four software tools in one pack that, when put together, creates the ultimate SEOs toolkit.  You get Website Auditor, Link Assistant, Rank Tracker, and SEO SpyGlass each piece of software focused on a particular area of Search Engine Optimization.  If you are serious about SEO, I would strongly recommend getting the entire suite.  You can also receive a bit of a discount if you purchase the entire suite.

Link Assistant

LinkAssistant is the all-in-one link building manager, allowing you to add, track, and manage your link building efforts.  For any link builder or SEO who wants to keep track of the links they are building, this is the ultimate tool.  No more having to update an excel spreadsheet with your link building progress, everything is managed for you.  Become more efficient with your link building efforts by being better organized and effective with acquiring high quality links.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a SEOs best friend, because it can check all of your clients websites organic rankings with the push of a button.  Have the ability to check up to 663 different search engines, including all of the major search engines and countries.  The best part about Rank Tracker is the ability to set up automated tasks that can run every day, week, or month so that you don’t have to keep manually going back to update your ranking reports.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO Spyglass queries multiple search engines to digg down deep for places you or your competitors are receiving backlinks from.  This can be a great way to spy on your competitors and find new link building opportunities.   Just launch SEO SpyGlass, and in a matter of minutes you will know everything humanly possible about why ANY site ranks well.