The quickest way is not always the best way to attract readers to your blog, taking a hot news topic and going against most of the world’s opinion on a current political situation always can start up a tornado of debate, and rebuke. This is not going to make any money for the blogger, because the people that are reading your view or take on a situation are just going to send you hateful emails, or blog comments. This is a very counter productive way to get targeted traffic that can turn into commerce.

Do I Need to Be a Great Writer?

Not everyone is a great writer, even with years of experience, some just do not have it in them to create postings that will magnetize readers, and keep them wanting more. For example if you are chef by trade and write about all the wonderful recipes that you create or how adding certain things to traditional recipes brings them to life, you can always put a teaser paragraph in at the bottom of the current post to get their curiosity going for the next installation of the “Gourmet Blogger”. Doing quick little one or two minute videos about those recipes, then posting them on will help greatly, especially if the person is entertaining.

You can then insert those videos on your blog. There is a woman in Austin, Texas that has a blog and weekly online video show called “Hilah Cooking”. This woman is so entertaining in her videos that you cannot wait to see her next one. She is not the most reserved Internet personality, and she will let the occasional expletive fly right out of her mouth while showing viewers how to make her tasty recipes. She is providing great food information, and making her subscribers laugh each week.

Keep Your Posts Easy to Read

Keep your blog posts to about three hundred words, and each paragraph around one hundred words or less. This will make for quick and easy reading. People want a weekly or daily dose, but do not have time to sit down and read a twenty-five hundred word blog post about Quiche Lorraine. They want a quick way to feed their family in 30 minutes or less, and just print out the recipe to take to the supermarket.

Think of the monologues that late night talk show hosts perform, like George Lopez, Or Conan O’Brien, as their little ten to fifteen minute diatribes are much like a perfect posting. They are quick, cute, or funny, and provide just enough to keep viewers coming back for more each night.