Internet marketing is rapidly becoming the most powerful tool utilized by companies and individuals to bring attention to themselves and generate an income online. A wide variety of websites have come and gone in the past, due to public interest waning and the overuse of internet marketing during its more brutish and spam-filled days.

All is not lost, however. As the internet has evolved, so have the marketing tools that utilize it. No longer do companies have to spam websites constantly to generate traffic as many of these social media platforms have built in areas for companies to advertize in and savvy companies can take them even a step further.

Twitter: Advertisement in a Hundred and Forty Characters

Twitter has gained fame for myriad reasons, not the least of which has been its role in toppling governments or leaking world news in the most immediate of fashions. Internet marketers have also taken to this platform to advertise in creative ways. Retail outlets in with the goal to drive customers into stores will often create sales specifically for those who “follow” them on Twitter.

The incredibly brief form of the media is also ideal for frequent updates, keeping your company at the immediate attention of your audience.

FourSquare: Checking Advertisements while Checking In

FourSquare is a puzzle to some but those who have figured it out have made great strides in creating business. Allowing customers to “check-in” at any location (while helpfully providing the address of said location) and leave feedback for other customers to see has driven interest in quality-minded businesses everywhere. Built in to the site management of FourSquare is the ability to offer special deals to those who check in. Many establishments offer freebies for checking in multiple times, ensuring repeat business and establishing loyalty within their customer base. Customers keen on sharing give tips as to the best deals, services and products available, and can help smart marketers keep an eye on what their public wants in a way that goes far beyond the numbers.


This baby in the social media is focused on visual appeal. Though it has not been around for as long as the others, Pintrest is gaining popularity. On this platform you “pin” pictures and give them captions, much like a virtual photo album. Companies that utilize Pintrest offer glimpses of products and deals as well as pictures of employees and other visuals to give personality and approachability to an otherwise anonymous entity.


Of course the powerhouse of all social media is still Facebook. From its humble beginnings as a way for college students to network with others on their campus, this social media platform now allows anybody to create a page and start making “Friends”.

Companies create pages that can be “Liked”, which quickly creates links between the pages of those that share an interest or appreciation for the company. Facebook provides vast opportunity to give updates, offer deals, answer questions, and promote other forms of internet presence.

Linking Social Media

Social media, regardless of its power, is rarely the only form of internet marketing used by a company or individual. The best way to use social media is to consistently link back to other forms of internet presence such as a formal website or blog.

Your branding and image are important, which is why creating continuity between the backgrounds and other aesthetic elements on your social media pages and those of your website or blog is critical to producing a professional, reliable impression.  WordPress themes create visually compelling websites and blogs while also offering user-friendly management tools. The themes that you choose for your blog and website can then be translated into your social media.

Diversifying your internet presence is the ultimate way of bringing yourself in front of the largest audience possible and ensuring that you are addressing each demographic and segment within this audience in effective ways.