Hey guys, I know I have been somewhat non-existent from the blog the last month or two.  Mainly because of the recent launches of two awesome products I have been working on with my business partner Tim Atkinson.

If you have been following the blog you may have seen or even purchased Local Cash Empire, a local marketing course + software that we launched on the Warrior Forum a few ago.  We received a ton of amazing feedback on the product and have had over 1,600+ students who are using the methods we teach inside the course to make regular monthly income through Local Marketing.

AzonSpy Sells 3,000+ in 3 Days!

So Tim and I released AzonSpy, yet another awesome software + training course that teaches you all of the ins and outs for becoming a Amazon Super Affiliate and creating niche websites that can pay you $500 – $2,500 like clockwork.

Course Overview

Module 1: Product Selection

This module is all about finding PROFITABLE Amazon products to build a niche website around and promote. We walk you through step-by-step how you can ensure that you pick a winning product each time!

  • Amazon Product Criteria & Guidelines: Learn the exact criteria we use to find products with high search volume, low competition, and amazing commissions and conversion.
  • Finding HOT Products to Promote: We give you TONS of different ways that you can find products that trending and have huge spikes of search volume…and how to capitalize on them.
  • Brand vs Product Name vs Product Type: Explains the different options when promoting Amazon products, along with the pros and cons for each.
  • Keyword Research (Expanding Your Keyword List): Follow the EXACT Step-by-step keyword research formula we use to find winning products every time.
  • Competition (Should I Go After It?): Deciding on if you should enter the niche and invest your time and money is HUGE. We will show you how you can analyze a niche/industries and pick ones with MASSIVE opportunity.

Module 2: Building a Niche Site

This module is dedicated to teaching you how to build your niche Amazon site. We will walk you through all of the aspects of setting up a site that will be highly optimized and convert for your 6 figure commission checks!

  • Choosing a Domain: We show you how to choose the BEST domain for your niche site so you can get rankings ASAP!
  • Setting Up Your Website Part 1: This video will show you how to setup the technical aspects of building your Amazon niche site.
  • Setting Up Your Website Part 2: This extended video will show you exactly how you want you layout your niche site.
  • Publishing Your Content: Through experienced we have learned the ideal way to publish your content to your site. We walk you through how you want to structure your content, when to publish it and how to get people to click your affiliate link!
  • Using Amazon Widgets: We will show you the Amazon widgets that we use on our affiliate sites for improved CTR.
  • Improving Conversions: Want to learn all of the conversion tricks that will boost your conversion rates by 20%? Then you will want to watch the video!
  • When to Move On or Keep Going: The hardest decision is to figure out when its time to stop working on the site or keep going. We will show you when you should continue to improve the site and when to quit.

Module 3: Advanced Strategies

We teach you a ton of outside-the-box methods for building niche sites around unique Amazon products. These methods are being used by the Super Affiliates, but we are revealing them to you in AzonSpy!

  • High Ticket Method: A method for earning $3,000 commissions checks for selling just ONE product on Amazon.
  • Build for the Future: A unique method for building niche products around products that haven’t even been released yet!
  • Domain Snatcher: Learn the tricks of snatching up high authority domains, which can BOOST your organic rankings.
  • Sex Niche Method: We teach you all about how to build niches around the very popular, high demand Adult niche!

Module 4: Traffic Framework

  • Traffic Framework Overview: This is where I break down the videos to come as there are some guest I’ll be introducing
  • Ebook Syndication On Steroids: How to bring 1,000 of visitors a month to your Amazon Niche sites every single month virally
  • 10 X Method: This is Kim Roach’s method and as we know she is the traffic Queen. I promoted her Traffic Dashboard a while back and covered her tactics in this video. Please go check out Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard and blog at http://buzzblogger.com – Kim Rocks!
  • RSS Pipe Dream: Awww this is one method that is my favorite to teach. This one method will get you 10’s of thousands of backlinks and push your Amazon sites straight to #1
  • Link Hijack: This is a special premiere webinar with myself and Brian Horn- The SEO Master- We teach a way for you to easily hijack Wiki’s for the highest quality link juice. This is a hour long nothing but the most ninja back linking tactic ever taught on the Warrior Forum


  • Amazon Niche Packets: We have researched and hand-picked over 50 niches and products that you can use and start building Amazon niche sites around. All of the research has been done for you! Just build your site and start making $$$.
  • Bonuses From Warriors: We are going to pack the bonuses with some of the top Warrior Amazon Affiliates information so you can learn from all of the best Warriors today on the topic of Affiliate marketing with Amazon.
  • NEW BONUS JUST ADDED: Live Coaching Webinar with Tim Atkinson, Mark Thompson and Special guest. Here is your chance to ask us anything you want and we will teach you are best Amazon Affiliate methods to earning 5 figures a month.

A Look at the AzonSpy Software

Hurry, Get AzonSpy at a Discount!

If you haven’t heard of a dime sale, that is when the price increases after each purchase.  The faster you purchase the more you will save.  After the WSO, we plan on selling this product for at least $97 (maybe more), so if you ACT NOW you can get it for a fraction of the cost.

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