If you have visited a news site or blog recently, you have probably seen social media buttons throughout their content.  This makes it easy for a user to share and spread the word about content they like, by using their favorite social networks.  A blog post or news article can go viral extremely fast because of how easy it is to share content across these social media sites.

There is starting to become a shift in how and where people go for content.  Social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious; Twitter search engines like Tweetmeme and Topsy; social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace, all are places were people START for real time updates and popular content.

So if you manage a blog or a news site, it is very important to not only provide valuable content, but to make it easy for your readers to share with friends and coworkers.  Many of the social media buttons are as easy as inserting a little piece of html into your site.

Here is where you can go to find social media buttons to add to your blog or website.


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