Building backlinks to your website or blog is essential for high search engine rankings.  That’s why I have been testing a number of different tactics and strategies to build backlinks effectively and efficiently.

I started testing out for finding cheap but quality link building services.  If you are unfamiliar with Fiverr, this is a website where people will do all sorts of things for five dollars.  You can find anything from design services, to voice-overs, idea generation and you can even have a guy sing a song to you while doing pushups!

What I did was a search for “link building” on Fiverr and found LOTS of people and businesses providing link building services for only $5!

I was able to find all types of link building – social bookmarking, directory submissions, link wheels, press release syndication, etc…  One great thing about Fiverr is that you can review feedback on each of the different people who are offering their services.  Before I decided to move forward with any of these services, I made sure they had positive feedback.

So after I narrowed down the list to about 5-10 offerings, I decided to test them out.  I placed an order, gave them the specifics for URLs and keywords and within 2-3 days (varies) I would have a link building report sent to me from the person offering the service.

The Negative

A few caveats I have found from using this method is the fact that you have little control over the actual link building.  Since more often than not, you haven’t worked with these vendors before, so you are not sure of the quality of their services.

I also noticed that I was hoping to customize a few of the services they provide (like using multiple phrases for the anchor text), however usually is what it is.  I guess for $5 you can’t complain.

The Positive

What I love about this link building method is how fast you can get things going.  It took me less than 20 minutes to get link building started on 10 sites.  I can always scale this up if I need to to accommodate as many sites has I want to have links built for.

Once you find a number of link building services that you like, you can start directly communicating with them through email or chat.  At this time you could you could discuss working closer together and to customize your link building based on your needs.

The best part about it is its cheap!  Even if the service you were provided was terrible…you are only out $5.