Web developers are the people who construct websites from the roots up. To build websites, developers use hypertext markup language (HTML), style sheets, and advanced web code systems. On the other hand, web designers are responsible for a website’s graphic elements. Designers use graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, and Corel Draw to create various aesthetic elements for the website. Developers provide the function, while designers add the form.

Their SEO Correlation

Web developers and designers are an SEO firm’s allies in achieving positive results. This is especially true for companies who are just starting to establish an online presence.  Sometimes, however, developers and designers can be SEO’s enemies as well. This happens when you hire a developer who focuses solely on his work, without considering the importance of SEO. Getting a developer or designer who doesn’t appreciate SEO is not a good decision.

There are lots of web design experts and geniuses out there, but hiring a topnotch developer or designer doesn’t mean that your SEO project is on the right track. Though you’re doing the website optimization yourself, the aesthetic aspect of the website is still important. Poor design and developer support can put a properly optimized website in trouble.

Below is the checklist of common mistakes that may hurt your website:

  • Disorganized and Overloaded Code. This can be easily detected by an HTML expert. Having disorganized code supporting your site makes it hard for search engines to index your website. Search engines can’t properly index poorly-coded websites; some search engines may even omit your website from their results pages.
  • Missing Anchor Text. Building links through the use of anchor text is an integral part of SEO. Many designers use images instead of an anchor text for aesthetic reasons. This practice may lead to more attractive websites, but it may also confuse some visitors of your website.
  • Heavy Use of Flash Animation. Flash animation may be pleasing to the eye, but search engines can’t detect sites with heavy Flash usage. In cases where Flash animation is a must, an HTML version of the same page is needed.
  • Over-optimized Sites. However, over-usage of keywords and backlinks tend to make your website look like spam. Once that happens, there’s a good chance that search engines will ban you from their results pages.

Whether you own an SEO firm or you’re an SEO Reseller, clear communication among all concerned parties is important. Each SEO project should always be accompanied with understanding and trust, like how you establish your business to your clients. Finding SEO-friendly web developers and designers may take time, but developers and designers who appreciate SEO principles can boost your business’ success.