Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder and CEO, SEOmoz


Brian Klais, Executive Vice President, Search, Netconcepts

Laura Lippay, Group Program Manager, Search Strategy, Yahoo

Jonah Stein, Founder, ItsTheROI

Richard Zwicky, President, Enquisite

Jonah Stein,

10 Essential Natural Search KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Brand to Non-Brand Ratio
    • Traffic
  • Unique Pages
    • How large is your site? Have many pages are indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN
    • Indexation Rate
      • Google Crawl: 26,000
      • Google Index: 15,400
      • Indexation Rate: 58%
  • Yielding Pages
    • How many of your pages are driving traffic
    • How many of your pages are not driving traffic
  • Phrases per page
    • Search phrase per page
  • Visitors per phrase
    • How many visitors are you getting per phrase, per page
  • Page Placement
    • Compare traffic vs URL’s on 1st SERP page
    • Shows opportunity to get more pages onto page 1
  • Engine Yield Rate
    • Searchers delivered per page crawled
    • Compare “return on crawl investment”
  • ROI and Brand Reach
    • Natural Search Sales
    • Brand Search
  • Missed Opportunity Cost

Laura Lippay

Started by showing her internal “SEO grid”

  • You can balance SEO, PPC and Paid Inclusion
  • Find SEO referral gaps
  • Find SEO content opportunities
  • Make SEO traffic and value projections can we make

Jonah Stein talks about 5 metrics that we don’t really think about.

  • Customer Life Time Value
  • Crawl Frequency – See how often the search engines crawl your site
  • External Links
  • WebMaster Central – All Query Stats

Stolen ROI from Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Evolution – Brand Claims ROI

  • Short Tail
  • Long Tail
  • Brand


  • E-mail campaigns
  • Coupons

Crawl Rate Tracker

Log File Analysis

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