One of the most important things when it comes to running a successful online business and making money online is creating landing pages for your products that lead to conversions.

From November 30 – December 16, 2010, you can learn how to build landing pages that convert at the Landing Page Success Seminar. This seminar is online, so no traveling is required – you can learn conversion strategies from the experts from your home or office.

Who is Encouraged to Attend?

If you’re an online marketer looking for better results and a network of like-minded peers to share best practices with, you’ll want to attend our unprecedented Landing Page Success Seminar. People of all skill levels and businesses of all sizes will learn to optimize their landing pages and websites with the free strategies and inexpensive tools our experts will reveal. Classes are targeted towards all types including small business CEOs, big brand marketers, experienced landing page users, and agency marketers who are looking to improve conversions and ROI.

What Are They Teaching?

Here is the lineup of classes for the seminar.

  • Gruesome Conversion Killers: Common Causes of Conversion Death
  • What Can We Learn From the Bad Boys of Marketing?
  • Hippos vs. Scientists – An Introduction to Website Optimizer and How to be a Scientist
  • B2B Landing Page Tips: Fill Your Funnel with More Conversions
  • Landing Page Case Studies: How Conversion Optimization Testing Profitably Increases Lead Generation Success
  • How to Develop and Execute a Successful Conversion Optimization Strategy (Plus 10 Things to Test Now!)
  • Get More From Your Google Analytics: Deep Dive into the Latest Features and Updates
  • Top 9 Website Design Tips to Improve ROI
  • Landing Pages are Dead for Data-Driven Marketers
  • Avoid the BIG LIES of the Conversion Industry: Don’t Get Hornswaggled
  • Mastering the Conversion Trinity
  • Online Marketing Optimization – Your Landing Page is Just One Step
  • Landing Page Copywriting Tips that Turn Traffic into Money
  • Keywords & Site Optimization: How to Translate Queries into Conversions
  • Your Website Isn’t Working and What to Do About It – An Introduction to Landing Pages and Why (and How) to Use Them
  • Content Optimization for Conversion

Who Are the Experts?

Next, let’s look at the speakers and instructors for this event.

  • Bryan Eisenberg is the recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, improving online conversion rates, Persuasion Architecture, and persona marketing.
  • Lance Loveday, CEO of Closed Loop Marketing, is a recognized thought leader in the online marketing industry.
  • Chris Goward is Co-Founder and CEO of WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, an agency whose Conversion Optimization methods using A/B and multivariate testing have helped clients improve their lead generation and eCommerce sales conversion rates by up to 400%.
  • Raquel Hirsch, a senior marketer, has an impressive online and traditional marketing background. In addition to Conversion Optimization, her domain expertise includes the development and strategic use of CRM, database marketing, e-commerce, web analytics, and direct mail.
  • Brian Clark is the new media writer/producer and entrepreneur behind Copyblogger who has racked up millions of dollars in sales thanks to a mix of online educational content and direct response copywriting.
  • Bill Leake draws on a deep expertise in both business and marketing to help increase revenues for a wide range of clients.
  • Rick Perreault is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a software-as-a-service that helps companies get more ROI from their online advertising by providing marketing the means to create and test landing pages without IT or development.
  • Anna Talerico, Executive Vice President of Ion Interactive, brings the same level of enthusiasm to leading the business development team as she does cheering on her son’s football team.
  • Oli Gardner is Director of Marketing and Co-Founder of who, over the past 14 years has been using design and interaction theory to improve customer experiences and business conversions.
  • David Cancel is a serial entrepreneur, start-up advisor and angel investor who specializes in data-driven start-ups, specifically online marketing, website analytics & optimization companies.
  • Connie Stack is an entrepreneur and start-up specialist who has the pleasure of working with a world class team of search marketers and software developers at WordStream as they endeavor to create a new category of search marketing tools designed specifically for keyword management.
  • Ben Jesson, an internet marketing specialist, co-founded Conversion Rate Experts after implementing almost every web marketing strategy, and concluding that conversion rate optimization is by far the biggest opportunity for most web businesses.
  • Noran El-Shinnawy is an Internet Marketing Manager at Acquisio and an Associate Instructor of the Master Certification Conversion Optimization course at MarketMotive.
  • Jim Sterne is the producer of the international eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, co-founder and current Chairman of the Web Analytics Association, and author of seven books including, Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment.
  • Dennis Yu is an entrepreneur and internationally recognized lecturer in search engine marketing as well as co-founder and chief executive officer of BlitzLocal.
  • Trevor Claiborne is the Product Marketing Manager for Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.
  • Brian Massey began his career of more than fifteen years creating marketing automation and analytics software.
  • Byron White, founder and Chief Idea Officer of ideaLaunch, is one of the original content marketing revolutionaries and the author of 101 Content Marketing Tips.
  • Kipp Bodnar is inbound marketing manager at HubSpot, a leader in marketing software for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Scott Brinker is the co-founder, president and CTO of ion interactive, which provides post-click marketing software to hundreds of enterprises and agencies, and he is a passionate advocate of pushing the scope and scale of landing pages – such as with multi-page experiences and portfolio strategies.
  • Mary O’Brien is the founder of Alteract Marketing and chairman of the PPC Summits who has trained over 6000 advertisers how to use Pay-Per-Click through Advertiser Workshops sponsored by Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter and at PPC Summits since 2007.


When you register, you will receive the following bonuses.

  • Bonus #1: 3 months of free Performable Tool access – a $300.00 value.
  • Bonus #2: 20-minute Landing Page Review with Ion Interactive – a $100 value.
  • Bonus #3: Free book from Jim Sterne – a $39.00 value.
  • Bonus #4: Complimentary landing page evaluation for qualified attendees and copy of “Five Steps to Developing a Successful and Scalable Conversion Optimization Strategy” from WiderFunnel Marketing.
  • Bonus #5: Free PPC and landing page test from Bryan Eisenberg and
  • Bonus #6: Free landing page optimization checklist.
  • Free ROI calculator.
  • Exclusive LinkedIn group for attendees only to network with each other and share conversion strategies.

Additional bonuses coming soon.

Act Fast!

In order to give each attendee the chance to chat with the experts, registration is going to be limited to the first 500 people to sign up. Registration is $597 – less than $39 per class. You will have access to the seminar recordings for 90 days and transcripts for further review, in case you miss any of the live sessions.


If you don’t feel that you are getting what you bargained for, you can cancel your within 72 hours and receive a full refund.

So don’t wait – visit Landing Page Success Seminar to learn more and register. You can also check out a free sample class on landing-page optimization where you’ll discover top conversion-optimization strategies on designing, developing and deploying landing pages.

Your Thoughts

Are you attending the seminar? Which class are you looking forward to the most, and what do you hope to improve upon when it comes to your own landing pages?