Getting found on Google consists of 2 things: 1) content and 2) links. Since inbound links act as a voting system or currency for search engine algorithms, it’s imperative that SEOs acquire high quality inbound links on a consistent basis. One way to produce inbound links is to create an educational infographic for bloggers to use in their articles.

Aaron Wall’s PPC Blog had an awesome infographic on “How Google Works” today and I felt the need to share this as an example of how Professional SEO’s get quality inbound links. The picture above clearly describes How Google works to the average Googler who may be interested learning more about the powerful search engine.

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How Do Professional SEOs Get Inbound Links?

  1. Create Quality Content – First and foremost, you need to create quality content for the searchers online. You can reference Google’s webmaster guidelines about what quality content is.
  2. Create Relevant Content -The “How Google Works” Infographic is relevant to the PPC Blog which is powered by the owner of, Aaron Wall.
  3. Education – Aaron doe s a great job of Informing the average searcher on Google on How Google Works in a creative way. Education and creativity are a recipe for link building success.
  4. Make it EASY to get the link – Provide The Code For the Inbound Link – You will notice the code below the picture which allows bloggers like myself use this quality infographic on my website, which automatically links back to the origin of the infographic/file.

Want to build links like the pros?  Start creating compelling, relevant, educational content in a creative way and make it super easy for bloggers to link to your content.