Words have the potential to create magic. When appropriately woven, they can instantly create an emotional attachment with readers. Whether you want to start a blog or desire to become a freelance writer, you need to work upon your writing skills to make it better and better with each passing day.

It’s been told over and over again that ‘You learn to write by writing’. And you shouldn’t have the slightest doubt about it. This is the most fundamental (and powerful technique) which helps you become a writer.

However, you can’t simply become a better writer just by doing tons of writing. Just mugging up the rules of grammar or learning different styles of writing doesn’t make you better at writing.

What butters the cookery of your writing, then?

Well, given below are five ways you can use to make sure you improve your writing skill and produce better stuff (which actually creates connection) for the audience.

#1. Don’t Write Because You Want to Say Something
Just because you want to say something doesn’t mean you should start writing. Honestly, it doesn’t ever make you a better writer. You’ll find millions of people who want to say something like you do.

Write only when you have something to say. Having something to say (as compared to wanting something to say) means you actually know what you are going to talk about.

#2. Follow the 80% Reading-20% Writing Rule
Vast reading is like doing extensive research. If writing doesn’t make you an explorer, you can’t become a better writer ever. To improve your writing skill continuously, you need to read vastly. One of the biggest benefits of reading in plenty is that it fires the impulse to write more.

At the same time, try to read a wide range of writing styles. You can pick (and accumulate) the precious lumps only when you explore widely. If you want to write 20%, read as much as 80%.

#3. Don’t Try to Please Everyone
Your writing will never improve if you try to make everyone happy. Writers can never please everybody. Visualize what your ideal reader looks like. Write something which suits you first. And then focus on pleasing the ideal reader who lives in your mind. If you don’t know what your ideal reader looks like, you have all the chances of diluting the impact of your writing.

#4. Don’t Deviate from the Topic
To leave a long-lasting impact on the audience, you should always remember not to diverge from the main topic. There are many writers who commit the mistake of going to far or including too many things under a single topic. Don’t try to confuse readers by diverting their attention from the main topic under discussion. The entire piece should aim at conveying a single powerful message to the audience.

#5. Find Your Own Voice
If people can recognize you by only looking at your writing, you are certainly a better writer. While you practice plenty of writing, you should always remember to develop a unique style which people can identify you with. At the same time, it’s important to make sure your tone is guessed rightly. And what style of writing you want to be known for is entirely up to you.

Well, I hope you find the above mentioned tips useful. I also welcome your own views, tips and ideas on better writing. Please use the comment section below to kick-start the discussion right away.