Since we are fresh off a Superbowl victory by the Green Bay Packers , I thought we would analyze how winning the Superbowl is like getting a #1 ranking in Google for a highly competitive keyword/phrase.  If you actually stop and think about it, they are very similar.

Studying Your Competitors and Adjust

NFL players and especially coaches spend lots of time analyzing their competitors to see how they can exploit their weaknesses.  They look at game film to understand their offense and defensive packages, to then draw up a game plan that will help to win the game.

Face it, if you want to rank #1 in Google for a competitive keyword/phrase, you need to see what your competitors are doing to get them where they are.  That means you have to study their website and marketing strategy to see what is working for them.  You need to dive into their inbound links to see where they are getting links from.  You need to look at their content strategy to see how often they are adding content to their site, to other industry blogs, to off-site publications.

Your Hardwork Paid Off

You spent all off-season, mini camps, training camp, pre-season, and regular season to get your team in a position to have an opportunity to become the world champs.  That didn’t come without a lot of hard work and dedication from EVERYONE.

Just like in organic search, it takes a team effort to get your website to rank #1.  It involves your development team, designers, marketers, and management team to have the vision and the determination needed.  Your programmers need to make sure your website is search engine friendly; your designers need design a site that is user-friendly and setup to convert; your marketers need to work at creating content, building links, and building brand equity; and the management team needs to have the high-level insights and strategy to execute properly.

Payday Bonus

As you probably know, the NFL players who win the Superbowl get more than just pride…they also get bonus incentives!  Each player usually has incentive options in their contract that state they get X dollars when they reach a certain milestone (aka: Superbowl).

Just like the players, a company or website owner will see a heavy increase in revenue once they reach #1 in Google.  If that term has commercial intent and is heavily searched, you can bank on being able to drive more traffic and convert more visitors to buyers.

I’m Going to Disneyland!

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular interview quote “I’m Going to Disneyland” after winning the Superbowl or a big game.  Now that you are #1 in Google and making more money, you have the flexibility to take some time off and go on a trip.