Whether or not you want to admit it, there has probably been some point in your life where you wanted to be noticed by someone who is top dog in a particular niche or industry like digital marketing. This could be for the development of your career, your blog, or even a hobby. And chances are, that leader / influencer / inspiration has tons and tons of fans and followers. So how are you going to get their attention? Here is my approach.

1. Follow your hero on all fronts.

This means finding every one of their public online properties and connecting to it. Blogs, Facebook pages, forums, etc. If they’re on it, you should be on it. Sounds a bit like cyber stalking, but trust me, it works. You will want to know what they are up to.

2. Interact with them on all fronts.

It’s not as meaningful to just be a fan or follower. You have to get into their day to day conversation.

  • Comment on their blog regularly.
  • Keep an eye on their Twitter activity, and if they ask a question or make a comment that you can genuinely respond to in a valuable way, do it.
  • If they post something on their Facebook wall, like it AND comment on it.
  • If they post a new video on YouTube, comment on it on YouTube. You’d be surprised how little traffic some big names get on their videos, unless they are in the entertainment business, so being one of the only ten comments will get you noticed.
  • If they’re doing something that they are passionate about, such as supporting a charity, then give that a tweet to your followers.

3. Join a private club with them.

This one I have seen work wonders by being a member of the Third Tribe. Yes, finding that private club, forum, membership area, etc. will probably cost you, but if you can see potential benefits of collaborating with your hero, then do it. You will get access to them in a way that the general public doesn’t. Plus, when you contact them more privately (say, via email) you can always throw in the line about how you know them through that membership. It really does opens doors.

4. Learn from them.

This one is probably the most important thing you can do. While you’re doing all of this cyber stalking, you should pick up a thing or two from them and learn how they are such a big hit in their niche or industry. You might find ways to apply those to your own strategy which will help you grow as an authority in your niche or industry as well. And then if you move up to the same ranks as them, they will not be able to help but notice you. Mission accomplished!

What’s the Real Goal of This Exercise?

The end goal is #4. It’s not just about getting noticed, but learning from them. Don’t just emulate them to get notice – learn what you like about what they do as well as what you don’t like so you don’t incorporate the later items into your plan. And presto, you will develop and grow which, in the long run, will benefit your career, blog, or hobby!

Your Thoughts

What have you done to connect with someone who inspires you? Has that helped you develop in your own pursuits? Please share your experiences in the comments.