Video blogging or “vlogging” is becoming a very popular online trend and most internet users will agree that video blogs are popping up in every niche and industry. According to recent statistics from internet giant YouTube, more than 65% of U.S. based internet users view online videos, and they each spend no less than 6 hours per month doing so.

These statistics are not only interesting, but it is a very useful tool for every internet marketer; with online videos becoming such an increasingly growing trend, this is definitely something that every blogger should focus their energy on. Adding videos to your blog will very likely lead to an increase in views, and this in turn will boost your online presence and your blog’s popularity. As an avid online marketer or blogger, it’s time you consider all the benefits that video blogging can provide. Here are a few very helpful guidelines that you can use to help decide if video blogging is the solution that you have been waiting for.

  • Determine Your Target Audience. Do you know if your audience enjoys watching online videos? Do you think they will benefit from watching a video when they read your next blog posts, and will they enjoy it? Where exactly are your readers when they visit your blog; are they browsing from their mobile device? Are they in the office behind their desk? Some of them might have little time available between jobs, and might be looking for plain “text only” blogs for easy reading. These answers will help you determine whether or not your audience can benefit from a video blog.
  • Take Your Time. Video blogging will take much more time than writing a normal blog post. You need to determine whether you have the additional time needed to create a quality video for your blog post, and if you can do this on a regular basis. It will be more time consuming to create a video, since you will have to write your message and record it too. If you don’t do a lot of blog posts, this won’t be a problem at all. Keep in mind that if you do a lot of posts, say daily, it might be a bit too tough to squeeze a video blog in every day; consider to add a video blog once a week, or twice per month to start. Even though it might take up to a day to complete a simple 3 minute post, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.
  • Represent Your Message. One of the most important benefits of a video blog is that you will be able to put a human face to your message, and in effect, you will be a representative for your company blog. This will add a more personalized feel to your posts and you will give your audience something to relate to. If you are camera shy, don’t worry; you can easily hire a model to do the video on your behalf.

Prepare for Success

There is no doubt that vlogging is fast becoming one of the most popular online marketing trends of the future. Bloggers from all over the globe are starting to include video with their blog posts and they are seeing a significant increase in the amount of page views they are receiving. Bloggers are seeing an improvement in their bounce rate and you can also post your video to platforms such as YouTube for an increase in valuable links back to your site. Video blogging is a great way of interacting with your existing readers and to building up a list of new ones, but it does take some time and effort to create quality videos that you can use with your posts. If you put in the effort, prepare to see a significant increase in the success of your blog.

The future of video blogging looks promising and exciting; and it is one of the most powerful tools available to modern bloggers. Not only will you increase your audience, but you will build a targeted list of customers that can help you increase your bottom line. With so many great benefits to offer, video blogging is definitely worth the effort; even if you cannot create a fresh post every day, just start with one per month and enjoy blogging success like never before.