I’m very excites to be sharing my first guest post here on StayOnSearch which is ran by one of the good guys online..Mark Thompson. What I’m looking to achieve in this post is just to shine a little light on the world of seo. Seo is my passion and something I been doing for years for hundreds of clients across the world.

I’m not here to list the top 5 plugins you need for your wordpress blog, because really I think those types of post are just worthless to the average marketer. Many people want the truth and nothing but the truth, man I felt like I was about to get sworn in or something. Anyway..my job is to give you the facts and hopefully it makes you a better marketer and person..lets get rolling.

The Secrete Garden 

If you went to grade school like I did then you will know about the secret garden book that I hated to read in 4th grade. What’s so crazy about it is that my teacher name was Ms.Garden and my 9yr old daughter was in here class this past year. I will like to say how strange is that because she was a great teacher to me but she forced us to read this crazy book.

The whole concept was all about what lies down there in the secrets garden? Throughout the whole book they keep you on the edge because you know something is down there but you just can’t put your finger on it. You see I’m a seo guy and one thing I have learned over the years is that people only give you enough to force you to push the payment button or sign for a services or something.

For instance I can write something on my blog about how backlinks are important when it comes to ranking for an given keyword. Maybe I will apply you have to write a article and maybe do a little web 2.0 marketing, but for some reason us marketers will leave out the important information like you must go after quality links to help with ranking.

Plus we may fail to say something about the good old link juice that you need to drive the page up the rankings. So you may ask yourself this magical question, why are seo experts or any other marketers keeping valuable strategies from you?

Brace Yourself 

The realty is that nothing is 100% free when it comes to marketing. Yea you write great content and you share it with people in hopes of them taken action on something. Whether they leave a comment or buy something, your job as a seo guy or just plan marketer is to convert those people into something.

Remember this..how often do you see content online that doesn’t have some link inserted in the content to direct you somewhere else. We are looking only to give you enough information in the spoon to encourage you to ask for more.

That more can mean the differences then making money online or just been just another blogger. But when it comes to seo and the teaching of seo in which I do constantly on a weekly basic. I try to write enough content that prompts the individual to sign up for some type of seo services or something.

Lots of people have told me that seo people are hiding the real truths about how to get front page rankings, and I say maybe some of them are but I’m looking to help those who need help by providing useful information. I’m quick to tell you that I haven’t found one piece of content online to this day that explains the whole concept of seo and how it really works.

Listen Up 

Seo is something that people just can’t figure out and believe me those folks like me and Mark Thomson are the rare exception that don’t mind given you guys all the little so called secrets. For this reason we know if we keep feeding you good useful seo content and more, then you will continue to come back time after time.

So the answer is that maybe some people are holding back valuable seo information that can spark your site to number one, but the sad things about it is that you can’t do anything about it. You can only search out those who you think is 100% truthful and take their words for what it’s worth.