Writing a press release can sometimes be quite a tough task, particularly when you are not aware of the basics. Before we talk about how to put together a killer online press release to grab the most attention from readers, let us talk a bit about what it actually is.

Well, a press release is actually a statement that you create for distribution to the media. The sole aim of writing a press release is to immediately attract the attention of journalists. And you can make your online press release an attention-grabber, only when you include news (or information) which is precise, utilitarian and occupying.

Putting Together the Press Release or News Release
The purpose of this article is to make press release writing an entirely ‘fearless’ task, so that you can easily assemble a copy which is an attention-grabber. If you are planning to write a press release or a news release for your company, given below are top ten things that should be on top of your mind. Once you are aware of the steps to follow, all you need to do is fill out the balnks. And you have a killer press release ready to be distributed to the media.

#1. Make Sure It’s Newsworthy
The very first thing that you need to remember is making sure that the information you want to share via a press release is ‘newsworthy’. Think about the message you want to distribute with readers. Unless your copy is really newsworthy, it’s never going to make a grabber press release. By writing a press release, you may want to share the news about a new product launch, an event, a new book or a business that you are going to launch.

#2. See Examples, but Don’t Copy Them
Thankfully, the internet remains packed with an array of press release samples. You can easily find plenty of press or news releases on new business launch, promotional events, product launches etc. Writers can also visit popular PR distribution websites like PRWeb and PR Newswire to get the hang of press release writing.

What’s important is that you don’t copy those samples to write one for your own company. Definitely, you can educate yourself about the various styles of writing and the kind of content that you need to include into a press release.

#3. Gather the Essential Data
In order to make your press release accurate, you should accumulate all the essential pieces of information to create uniqueness in your copy. Such information may include product information, important dates, items and the people that are associated with the news. Most importantly, you should be very clear about the purpose that you want to fulfill by writing the PR copy.

#4. Make it No Longer Than a Page
Experts suggest that a good press release shouldn’t take more than a page. That’s why, the structure of the copy and what information you are going to put into it matters a lot. After creating a rough copy, you need to summarize the entire think into one concise page. Make sure you can share more in fewer words.

#5. Craft a Grabber Lead
The starting lines or the first paragraph (3-4 lines) should be crafted to immediately attract the attention of readers. In fact, it should precisely summarize the news you are going to elaborate in the next paragraphs. Unless the opening paragraph sparks the reader’s attention, you’ll not be able to compel readers the rest of the content in your press release copy.

#6. Include Company Information
Whether you are announcing the release of a new book, an event, an award ceremony, a new product launch, it is always crucial to talk a little about your company and its core services. While writing an online press release, you should always remember to include a link to your company website, so that interested readers can dig out more information about your company.

#7. Provide Supporting Information Links
Apart from including a link to your company website, you should remember to include additional links to back up the news of information you are trying to distribute via PR submission. Extra information links make your press release unique and compelling.

#8. Timing is Key
One of the most important things to remember while writing a press release for submission to PR distribution sites is that you publish it at an appropriate time. Most of the killer press releases are well timed. The news or information should always be ‘recent’ and ‘relevant’. So, don’t forget to time your press release well, if you wan to make it an attention-grabber.

#9. Add a ‘Call to Action’
Press releases should be written with a clear purpose. When you are well informed of the purpose that you want to achieve by writing the copy, you can make it actionable. While creating the press release, you should think about the action that you would want your readers to take after reading.  Depending on the action you want readers to take, you need to include relevant information in your press release copy.

#10. Don’t Forget the SEO
Over 90% of the press releases published online are not optimized for SEO. Press release submission is one of the key tactics to create a buzz about your company, drive traffic to your website and build links. Whether it’s the body, the headline, the URL structure or the images, make sure you use best SEO practices to increase the visibility of your press release in search engines.

What tips do you use to make your online press releases accurate, unique and compelling? Please feel free to share your tips and views in the comment section below.