Recently I connected with Davy Kestens, an Internet Entrepreneur who recently created a brand new service called Ghost Bloggers.  Ghost Bloggers is essentially a marketplace where content publishers and content buyers can do business.  This allows bloggers to create quality content and be compensated by other businesses and organizations that are in search of content on a particular niche or topic.  Until now, there hasn’t been a marketplace for content publishers and buyers.  Yes, there are places like MyBlogGuest (which is a fantastic resource), however that is more of a social network, than a marketplace.

Since many of you have probably never heard of GhostBloggers, because its so new, I thought it would be interesting to hear what this marketplace is all about…straight from the horses mouth.

Here is the interview…

1.  What exactly is GhostBloggers?

GhostBloggers is a marketplace where marketers and blog owners can buy unique articles from passionate writers worldwide.  It takes all the hassle out of blogging.

2.  How does it work?

Writers sign up at and instead of having to write about topics they don’t completely grasp, they are invited to write about the topics they are personally interested in and passionate about.  This increases the quality of the content and decreases the time that the writers need to write.  All articles are proof-read and if approved, they become available on the marketplace.

Publishers and marketers can search for unique content that is relevant to them and their clients, and buy the articles within minutes.
Article buyers can also submit topics they are interested in. They will then receive a daily, weekly or monthly notification informing them about newly available, relevant content.

3.  How large is the community of Bloggers currently?

We currently have over 1300 writers and the number is growing day by day.

4.  Can website owners looking for particular content submit a request if they can’t find it on GhostBloggers?  If so, how long does it take to get content back?
Absolutely. Just like buyers can be informed about new and relevant articles, writers can be informed about article requests that are relevant to their interests. Publishers can submit article-requests as soon as they sign up.

So far, the fastest turn-around we had was about 50 minutes after the article request and the article got sold almost immediately after approval.

5.  Does the website owner have 100% control and rights to the content they purchase?

Of course, after purchase, all rights to the article are transferred to the buyer and the article is no longer available on the platform.

Unique content is extremely valuable, even more since Google’s panda update.

6.  On average, how much can a blogger expect to make from a single blog post?

On average, writers are earning between 20 and 30 usd per blog post, but they are completely free to set their own rates.

The most expensive article that got sold so far generated about 160 usd.

7.  What’s in the future for GhostBloggers?  Any new features you will be adding?

I can only say that we’re very open for feedback and currently working on a new update that will bring in a lot more publishers in need for content. We are partnering up with quite a few marketing agencies and the future is looking bright! 🙂

8.  Where do you go to get started

Go to and click the red “Let’s get started”-button.