With all of the complaints about the new version of Digg, which went live on August 25th, many people have been switching from Digg to Reddit. Prior to the big change, there was a healthy competition between these two sites (as show by this infographic). Digg was the champion – the question is, how are they doing now that the new version is out?


Digg vs. Reddit - Traffic Trend

When the new Digg was released, there is a high spike in traffic, but shortly thereafter, Reddit receives a surge, possibly from the many Reddit stories that ended up on the Digg homepage in protest of the new version.


Digg vs. Reddit - Daily Pageviews

Pageviews for Digg drop significantly after the new version is released.

Bounce Rate

Digg vs. Reddit - Bounce Rate

The only notable increase after Digg version 4 goes live is the bounce rate, meaning more people are leaving after a single pageview.

Time on Site

Digg vs. Reddit - Time on Site

Even though Digg may still have more traffic, Reddit is keeping their visitors on their site longer.

Tweets from Digg vs. Reddit

Tweet Count from Digg
Tweet Count from Reddit

Reddit has definitely been getting more tweets than Digg recently, even though the new version of Digg offers a tweet option when you submit a new story and on the main page of the story itself, while Reddit doesn’t.

Digg’s Top News in 30 Days

Top Story on Digg from Last 30 Days

Out of the top 50 news stories on Digg from the last 30 days, 29 are from Reddit.

Digg Rebellion via Reddit

Out of the remaining 21 stories that were not from Reddit, 6 are about the community dislike of the new version, with 3 specifically about the homepage being taken over by Reddit.

The Future of Digg

So is Digg over? Doubtful. You can look back to the reactions of the Digg community when they made major changes back in 2007. Even though there were plenty of complaints, Digg continued to thrive and is still, overall, more popular than Reddit.

Your Thoughts on the Digg Revolt

Are you learning to love the changes with the new Digg, or have you moved on to a new social bookmarking and voting network? Please share your thoughts, concerns, and complaints below.