These days, it seems like Smartphone’s can handle anything. Whether it’s creating a shopping list, scheduling appointments, or finding the nearest restroom, there is an app for that. The same is true for blogging. No matter what online platform a blogger prefers, there are a number of blogging apps for the Blackberry.

Different Blogging Formats

One of the most common blogging platforms is WordPress. The WordPress app for the Blackberry allows users to update blogs anywhere. Updated functionality also allows users to moderate comments, edit posts, and delete spam. Users of the popular blogging platform, Blogger, are not left out in the cold. While there is no specific Blogger app for the Blackberry, or any other Smartphone, it is possible to use the email tool on a Blackberry to write and publish posts. Another alternative for bloggers, who use WordPress, Blogger, or many other platforms, is to download the Type pad app on their Blackberry. This app easily connects to many different blogging sites, enabling users to write and edit posts, and manage blog comments.

Microblogging and Social Networking

Some people prefer to write smaller blog posts, such as those available on Tumblr. This app also allows for social networking, available on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Tumblr offers its own app, allowing users to post on this Microblogging site at any time. Similarly, Facebook offers its own app, where bloggers can update their readers and provide links to their blog. Twitter users have a couple options when choosing Blackberry apps. UberSocial offers full integration with photos and an easy to use interface, making it a great option for bloggers. Seesmic for Twitter is another option. The advantage to this app is the ability to update through many other social networking sites, such as Facebook, all by using Twitter. This is a convenient way to hit a lot of targets with minimal work by the blogger. Finally, Social Beat is a great Blackberry app that allows users to access all their favourite social networking sites from one location. Fans of social media will prefer to use this convenient and far-reaching app.

Other Great Blackberry Apps for Bloggers

Vigo, a news aggregating app, is a great way for bloggers to see what’s going on in the news, providing them with plenty of content to write about. BlogLive is another great app that is useful for all bloggers. Capable of working with many different blogging sites and accounts, BlogLive works like an assistant for updating and creating new blog posts.

Some blogging apps are quite specialized. One example is ScribbleLive. This app allows bloggers to appear live on their blogs, appearing instantly for readers. Finally, ShowMe! is a great specialized app for photobloggers. This app allows users to easily write a post centred on a particular set of pictures.

Whether a blogger prefers a specific platform, or uses a number of blogging sites, there is an app for everyone. These Blackberry apps can help increase social networking, leading to a jump in readership.