CTR is flagging, conversion are lagging and you’re in a funk. So what do to wake up your ad groups? Take one of these 5 tones for a test drive! Get your creative juices flowing, get the wheels turning and hey- you might even have some fun while you’re at it.

First pick out which tone is best for your audience and which ad group you want to take for a test drive. Don’t change all the ads you’ve going there, either add one of these new ones or change a lagging one, but in case you picked the wrong tone, you want that OK performing ad out there still, just in case.

Be More Aggressive

When’s the last time you were forceful or aggressive in ad copy? Perhaps you’re selling a fitness drink or real estate agent classes- how do you cater to their drive and need to be pushed? You taunt them, tease them and call into question what they aren’t doing but should be!

For example:
Buy Widgets
What Are You Waiting For?
Don’t Be a Wuss, Shop Today!

Widgets on Sale
You Know You Need Widgets, So
Get On it and Order Now.

Running Out of Time

Nothing pushes people to move it more than a sense of impending urgency (or doom) especially if there’s a sale involved!

For example:
Art Sale Ends Now
Soon All the Art Will Be Gone &
You Will Have None. Buy Now!

The End is Near
You Haven’t Bought Widgets Yet?
The Sale Ends Today- Hurry!

By Dynamic! With Noise!

We can’t actually make sounds or noises (yet) in ads, but we can certainly invoke the senses with popular sounds and noises in the written format.

For example:
Wine Glass Sets
Crash! Smash, Tinkle.
New Sets on Sale Now.

Spalding Basketballs
Swish! Bounce & Slam Dunk
With Spalding NBA Basketballs.

Ask Questions

You can’t use an exclamation point in a headline, but you most certainly can use a question! Engage users right off the bat and help them find what they need by asking a question to their question- Sigmund Freud style.

For example:
Need Reading Glasses?
Take Our Free Online Reading
Test & Find Out for Sure!

What’s In a Name?
Pretty Much Everything! Don’t Let
Your Domain Name Get Away.


Make them laugh and they will buy. OK, maybe that’s not guaranteed, but you’ll certainly have their attention and they will remember you! I may not have bought any Jack Link’s Beef Jerky lately, but I have yet to forget a second of their “Messing with Sasquatch” commercials. I mentioned it here- see it works!

For Example:
Get Completely Screwed
Screw Often, Hard & Accurately!
Shop Phillips Screwdriver Kits.

A Rabbi & A Priest Go
Made You Look! Now Checkout
Our Awesome Car Stereo Sale.

The content network is a great place to try out new tones if you (or client) isn’t quite ready for these in search. Especially since a user from the content network will need a little extra push to get their attention to stand out amongst the content they actually came to read. Happy testing!