When ever I get a opportunity to speak about seo or social media to a whole new audience. I start to get a feeling of enjoyment because I feel like this is my time to not just teach but also help others to simply just understand online marketing. Meaning that people need to get grip on the differences in SEO versus social media.

First I like to give it up to Facebook because for the past four to five years they have just taking the internet by storm. Its true that they had to get over the hump of following in the foot steps of MySpace, but now they are the leading place to gather and mostly a place for us marketers to build traffic.

You see I’m a SEO guy who have done pretty every type of marketing there can be done online so I know what works and what’s a waste of time. So I get the question all the time from people who say.. who needs SEO when we have Facebook.

Facebook Takes Over

Most people will say that they have a system to gain traffic and if you follow the system of gaining friends and joining groups, then you may be able to gain traffic. You see they say this is easy and really far much more better then doing the boring old SEO work and waiting for my traffic.

The power of Facebook has given people hopes of getting thousands of visitors if a person comment or post go viral. Not only that people are looking to max out their fcaebbok account to 5000 and staring another one and repeating that strategy. To take it a steps further for those people who are looking to take their traffic to another level, is to start groups or join groups to be able to gain even more traffic.

Look people these are the norm and people have been doing this every since the Yahoo Group days when we would join thousands of groups and blast the heck out of them. So the same game is played today with Facebook and many of you people are falling for this sad way of marketing.

Why Facebook Marketing Is A NO NO

First I will like to say that Facebook is a great place to gain friends and do a little networking here and there. But beside that its really just a place to post a couple of things and hope your readers and friends share it. In language terms you will gain traffic which is known as referral traffic and start building your audience.

So Facebook does this and the reason why I use it and millions of others use it. But the problem with this my friend, is that you don’t own anything on the site even your own post. Once it hits there site your at the power of Facebook hoping someone don’t complain and have your account deleted like many people I know..which is the reason I’m doing this post today which is to at least educate you on what to look out for.

What I’m trying to convey is that putting all your eggs into this Facebook basket may not be a smart idea in the long run. Plus this form of traffic from Facebook will always have to be maintain by you engaging in the conversations and getting yourself out there to more people. So I don’t know about you but working this hard for a little traffic is not my cup of tea. But what’s great is that we have something called SEO which I cover in more details in my  seo marketing series where you learn the steps of SEO and how powerful it have over all marketing tool.

Why SEO Trumps Facebook

If you know it or not SEO is the ruler of getting targeted traffic from keyword searching. Its true that if you have a backlink on a high traffic site such as Facebook, it will bring you traffic but having a keyword ranked in a top position is by far better if you ask me. The reason is because that traffic you get from a site linking to you or a link going viral on Facebook, is that sooner or later that traffic will fizzle out.

But you really can’t say that about SEO because once you get a targeted keyword to the number one spot, your able to get unlimited targeted traffic for life if you maintain that positions. When maintaining a position I mean you just continue working about a hour per month to keep that top spot.

This is better then taking the bulk of your morning over at Facebook and working it daily and forever to maintain any form of traffic. You see SEO does gets a little complicated and can’t be entirely explained through this post, but just realize its powerful and something I suggest everyone to at least take advantage of if your looking for long term traffic.

Like I said before is that Facebook is a great environment, but don’t put all your eggs into that one traffic source because one day you can wake and see that your account has disappeared. I say that because I been there so pick your marketing wisely.