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At What Point Are You Wasting Your Time With Social Media?

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 20, 2010 - Social Media

In an online world filled with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, Foursquare, Gowalla, Skype, gChat, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, and the millions of Blogs/Foums…at what point are you wasting your time??? I often find these days forcing myself to shut down my chat application(s) and only check Facebook/Twitter at certain times of the day. What about you? […]

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Facebook Deals: How to Setup Your First Facebook Deal

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 16, 2010 - Social Media

We all know that location-based marketing is becoming a huge hit with Internet Marketers.  Services like Gowalla and Foursquare have been the front-runners in the space and have proven that users LOVE to check-in to tell their friends where they are hanging out and to reap incentive offers for visiting their favorite businesses. Now Facebook […]

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A Twitter Exercise to Get More Followers

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 1, 2010 - Social Media

I’ll be the first too admit it, I started using Twitter as a one-way communication tool, so that I could help promote my content.  However I quickly learned that by doing that, I would not be able to build the following and relationships that I wanted on Twitter. So I developed an excise, that I […]

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To Follow or Not To Follow, That is the Question

Posted by Mark Thompson - November 10, 2010 - Social Media

Whenever I am trying to educate a social media client, I find that they all seem to ask the same question in regards to Twitter.  How do I know who to follow and who not to follow?  That is a great question and frankly there is no exact answer to that question.  However their are […]

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Create a Custom Social Media Dashboard with Metricly

Posted by Mark Thompson - November 1, 2010 - Social Media, Tools

Metricly is a new social media tool you can use to help monitor, analyze and manage your social media presence on the web.  It contains an aggregated dashboard and analytics platform that helps you track your metrics all in one place. For agencies and in-house marketing teams, this platform can give you the means of […]

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Is Twitter a Stethoscope or Megaphone??

Posted by Adam Bean - October 20, 2010 - Social Media

I just don’t get Twitter!!! This is the catch cry I constantly hear from business owners almost every time I speak to them about social media interaction and marketing. And you know what?? This lack of understanding of how to use Twitter effectively doesn’t really surprise me. Let me explain why… Firstly it comes back […]

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My Review on “The Social Network” Movie

Posted by Mark Thompson - October 11, 2010 - News, Social Media

On Saturday, I decided to go see The Social Network with some friends.  I had heard a few reviews of the movie prior to going, but really didn’t know much about it besides that it was based on the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook.  I must say after seeing the move, that […]

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How to Create a Social Media Conversion Funnel

Posted by Kristina Allen - September 29, 2010 - Social Media

Defining your social media goals As with any other type of marketing initiative, social media marketing must begin with a goal. For marketers many times these goals will be: Increasing awareness, loyalty and influence Measuring public opinion Market research Increasing customer satisfaction All of these goals are worthy on their own, but the ultimate bottom […]

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