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Selling SEO Is Not Just About You

Posted by Warner Carter - March 25, 2011 - SEO

Stepping into the corporate world of SEO is not a simple task. SEO is no regular desk job. As a businessperson who wants to make it big in SEO, you’re going to be meeting people from different industries, not only for the purpose of introducing and selling your service. In SEO, you meet people to […]

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Interview with Gab Goldenberg, Tips on Selling SEO

Posted by Mark Thompson - June 2, 2010 - SEO

I had the great opportunity to interview Gab Goldenberg, a well-respected industry influencer in the SEO and Internet Marketing community.  I wanted to get some some insights and tips on some important questions about selling Search Engine Optimization. What sales techniques do you use to help explain SEO to potential clients? I’m fortunately no longer […]

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What Should be Covered in an SEO Sales Meeting

Posted by Mark Thompson - March 29, 2010 - SEO

When you are speaking to a potential SEO client, there should be some level of knowledge and training that should be given, to help them fully understand how SEO works and why you are structuring the proposal and strategy the way you are. Here are some aspects of SEO that should be covered during the […]

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