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Google Algorithm Change Claims Victims but Is Google Too Big To Fail?

Posted by Shell Harris - March 24, 2011 - SEO

Google made two important algorithm changes last month; the first targeted duplicate content (so called ‘scraper’ sites) and the second, poor quality content sites typically referred to as content farms. The farmer change supposedly was leveled at sites such as eHow and HubPages, however there has been some unexpected side-swiping of websites which would not […]

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Top 10 Google Search Results Analysis After the MayDay Update

Posted by Kristi Hines - June 17, 2010 - SEO

In the comments of a recent post on Search Engine Journal on the Google MayDay Update, one commenter noted that authority is being devalued in terms of commonly sought after sites were not ranking for terms such as search engine and online auctions. In a reply from the article’s author, the sites that were not […]

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