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Part II: The Ultimate Guide to Meta Description

Posted by John Barlow - June 25, 2010 - SEO

In Part I of this two part series, I left you saying how inaccurate the CTR’s Google was give are. Now I want you to totally forget what I said! In this post I’m going to take you step-by-step through extracting and changing poor performing descriptions. Step I: Start by going into webmaster tools and […]

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Google Follow Finder, the Newest Service From GoogleLabs

Posted by Mark Thompson - April 16, 2010 - Social Media

Google just released a new Twitter application called Google Follow Finder, that allows you to analyze a users following/followers to help you find people that you may be interested in following.  The service is actually very simple, just enter in a Twitter username and Follow Finder will analyze that profile and return suggested tweeps to […]

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Nexus One, Taking Smart Phones To The Next Level

Posted by Mark Thompson - January 6, 2010 - News

Google officially is going head-to-head with Apple, when it announced yesterday the release of the Nexus One smart phone.  The Nexus One has been talked about for some time now, with technology experts chomping at the bit to learn what Google was up to in their mobile lab.  Even though I disagree, there has been […]

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Google, How Important Will Page Speed Be in 2010?

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 16, 2009 - Design/Development, News, SEO, Tools

In April 2008, Google announced that page load time would effect your ad quality score for Pay Per Click ads.  They stated the main reason for implementing this factor was to give the user a better experience and to be able to serve web content faster.  In further efforts, Google released a great resource for […]

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Google Announces Real-Time Search and Google Goggles

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 8, 2009 - News

Google is making some news today at the Google Search Event, with the launch of real-time search and Google Goggles.  As we all know users are needing information faster than ever before.  With blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook allowing people to publish content easier, it was only a matter of time […]

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Google Request and Contact Forms You Should Know About

Posted by Mark Thompson - November 18, 2009 - News

As most people know, you can’t just pick up the phone and talk to a Google representative…unless you want to spend money in Google Adwords.  So here is a comprehensive list of request and contact forms for various Google products. Website Request Forms Webpage Removal Request Tool: This tool is used if you would like […]

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Google Offering Free Airport Wifi For The Holidays

Posted by Mark Thompson - November 11, 2009 - News

Virgin American flights starting November 10th, 2009 will be be giving away complimentary in-fight wifi from 47 participating airports across the country.  The promotion is Google’s way of giving back during the Christmas season.  The free wifi service will go until January , 15th 2010.  Now travelers may not be as frustrated during long delays […]

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Google Dashboard: Access Your Google Products From One Interface

Posted by Mark Thompson - November 10, 2009 - News

Google has just launched Google Dashboard, a centralized place to view all of your Google accounts in a clean interface.  Have the ability to see all of your Google Accounts including Alerts, Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Friend Connect, Gmail, Google Sync, iGoogle, Orkut, Picasa, Google Profile, Reader, Google Talk, Tasks, Voice, Web History, YouTube and […]

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