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Rank Higher in Google Places – 8 Local Search Optimization Tips

Posted by Alesia Krush - October 3, 2011 - SEO

Over the past few years, Local Search has been gaining momentum. More and more small business owners seek to rank higher in Google Places, especially now, as search results personalization is at large and growing. Point is, we are now seeing an increasing number of Google Places results displayed above Google’s Everything results, which, for […]

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Is Google Places Revolutionizing Organic Search for Local Businesses?

Posted by Spencer Hesseltine - March 1, 2011 - SEM

In 2011, in a world where online media dominates our culture, most business owners are aware of the impact that Google and other search engines have on their ability to attract customers. Through search engine optimization, search engine marketing and more, organizations continue to use a variety of techniques to work their way to the […]

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Making the Most Out of Google Places

Posted by Mark Thompson - September 22, 2010 - SEM, SEO

Recently I have been very impressed with the new Google Places aka Local Business Center.  They have been continuing to add new features to your Local Business Listing that allow you really make the listing a viable marketing tool.  As you probably have noticed, search is becoming much more targeted and focused, so utilizing not […]

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