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Facebook Deals: How to Setup Your First Facebook Deal

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 16, 2010 - Social Media

We all know that location-based marketing is becoming a huge hit with Internet Marketers.  Services like Gowalla and Foursquare have been the front-runners in the space and have proven that users LOVE to check-in to tell their friends where they are hanging out and to reap incentive offers for visiting their favorite businesses. Now Facebook […]

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My Review on “The Social Network” Movie

Posted by Mark Thompson - October 11, 2010 - News, Social Media

On Saturday, I decided to go see The Social Network with some friends.  I had heard a few reviews of the movie prior to going, but really didn’t know much about it besides that it was based on the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook.  I must say after seeing the move, that […]

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Making the Most Out of Facebook Fan Pages

Posted by Mark Thompson - September 27, 2010 - Social Media

Since my last post, Making The Most Out of Google Places got such good feedback, I thought I would do a similar style post for Facebook Fan Pages.  Facebook Fan Pages if used correctly, can be a great way to drive traffic, generate leads and sales.  When Facebook first launched, it was primarily used to […]

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Is Your Website at Odds With Your Social Media Presence?

Posted by Phyllis Zimbler Miller - May 31, 2010 - Social Media

If you are actively participating on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and yet your website telegraphs the opposite of transparent and interactive, you and your brand or business may be suffering from a split personality complex.

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Top Facebook Application Development Companies

Posted by Mark Thompson - April 26, 2010 - Social Media

Recently I have noticed some killer Facebook applications designed to give your Fan Page more flair. I thought I would feature some of the companies that built these applications, along with links to these custom applications that you can try out on your own Facebook Fan Page. You can also check out the StayOnSearch Fan […]

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Become a Fan of the New StayOnSearch Facebook Page

Posted by Mark Thompson - April 8, 2010 - News

StayOnSearch has just launched the official Facebook Fan Page for everyone to join to keep up with the latest content and industry resources.  It is also a place for you guys to share links to your favorite content related to SEO, Social Media, Blogging, PPC, and Web Strategy. You will also see the new logo […]

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Defining Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups, and Communities

Posted by Mark Thompson - April 6, 2010 - Social Media

I know when you are just starting out with Facebook things can be hard to figure out.  You probably have a lot of questions about what is the most effective way to market yourself or company using Facebook. Whats the difference between a Facebook Page and Facebook Group? Which is better? What is this new […]

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How Best Buy Uses Social Media to Connect with Customers

Posted by Mark Thompson - February 16, 2010 - Social Media

Social media has really changed the way brands are connecting with their customers.  More and more companies are starting to realize the value of social media and are quickly adapting this new form of communication.  However in order to have a successful social media strategy, it is important to have an internal culture that is […]

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