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Facebook for Business: Setup and Usage Tips

Posted by Jesse Langley - July 2, 2012 - SEO, Social Media

The new Facebook Timeline format for business includes a more visual on-page presence with the Cover Shot, more user data via Insights, and features, like the Apps Ribbon and Milestones that allow businesses to better share their story with Facebook’s millions of users. To get your business ready for business on Facebook, follow these easy […]

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7 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Facebook Page

Posted by Obaidul Haque - January 30, 2012 - Social Media

Facebook posts look stale without comments on them. Getting fans to comment on your Facebook pages requires time and effort. However, you can expedite the process by following a couple of proven tips. Getting comments on Facebook posts is all about encouraging your fans to participate at a conversation. What’s important is that you know […]

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Do “Like” Buttons Influence Search Engines?

Posted by Ali Syed - May 31, 2011 - SEO, Social Media Do Like Buttons Influence SEO

With the rise of social media marketing, the notion of collaboration, integration and disseminating information with a click of a button has become an evident norm. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and recently Google have all found multiple innovative ways to make it easier for their users to collaborate with other users around the world and share […]

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Using Facebook Applications to Engage Users

Posted by Obaidul Haque - May 27, 2011 - Social Media

No brand can ever ignore the potential of Facebook applications. In order to build your brand presence on Facebook, you can use a variety of these applications. Each application has its own unique value. If you want to drive social momentum, it’s crucial to use Facebook application which provides consumers a specific value. Brands can […]

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How to get the Most Out of Social Media Connections – It’s Not All About Traffic

Posted by Cathy Reyes - May 11, 2011 - Blogging, SEO

Advertising on Facebook quadrupled last year. More than three-quarters of big American companies use some sort of social networking, and most small businesses take off from social media-induced traffic. It’s clear that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and their contemporaries are becoming vital to businesses, regardless of size. But it’s not a popularity contest. It’s never been. […]

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Key Metrics to Measure the Performance of Your Facebook Fan Page

Posted by Obaidul Haque - April 21, 2011 - Social Media

Whether you are planning the launch of a new product or want to create awareness about an existing brand, Facebook fan pages can bring you amazing results. It’s an excellent idea to build a killer Facebook page for your brand and make it a favorite place for your fans to hang out. But is that […]

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Do Brands Really Understand the Facebook Digital Culture?

Posted by Obaidul Haque - March 15, 2011 - Social Media

“Likes”, “Connections”, “Followers” – we are living in the age of social media. Brands can never imagine growing without an ever-increasing number of social followers. And on top of that, you need to have quality followers. So, how do you get quality social followers for your company? Well, the first step is to understand the digital culture […]

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Top 5 Facebook Advertising Tips

Posted by Mark Thompson - January 24, 2011 - SEM

Facebook is becoming an outstanding traffic generation strategy to drive massive amounts of traffic for extremely low CPC or CPM.  I would not say that I am an expert in Facebook Ads, but I have run a number of campaigns and have gone through a number of FB Ad training courses. Based on my experience […]

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