SOS Recommends

Between all of us who contribute to StayOnSearch, we have spent a lot of time and money trying to find the BEST Internet Marketing products out there.  We thought it would be a great resource for people new to the industry or others just looking for advice on exactly which products they should invest in.

Enjoy the Recommendations!

Research Tools

Market Samurai

This one time investment is worth every penny, as it provides a wide range of research tools and analysis features.  Check website rankings on the 3 major search engines, perform keyword research, analyze competitors, and much more.  They are always improving and updating the features for this software to keep up with the search engine tweaks and changes being made.  Definitely a top 3 tool I couldn’t live without!

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Keyword Winner 2.0

An amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to do keyword research on the fly, as you are writing blog posts.  Be able to easily find SEO opportunities for your blog titles, and get each of your blog posts rank in the search engines.

This plugin has saved me so much time, to not have to keep going back to the Google Keyword Tool to find relevant keyphrases for my blog post titles.

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Professional SEO ToolsWeb SEO Analytics

An amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to do keyword research on the fly, as you are writing blog posts.  Be able to easily find SEO opportunities for your blog titles, and get each of your blog posts rank in the search engines.

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Website Builders


Hands down the best website builder on the market.  This WordPress theme allows you to create professional websites, blogs, squeeze pages, membership sites, and sales/landing pages that are OPTIMIZED for conversions.

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This handy WordPress plugin allows you to build squeeze pages with an easy drag and drop interface.  They also back this product with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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WordPress Plugins

List Eruption

Turns your WordPress blog or website into a list building machine.  This referral-based list building system encourages each new subscriber to refer their friends in order to receive other bonus rewards that you sent.  Each subscriber receives a unique referral URL, which they can then easily share on Twitter, Facebook and with their friends.  The more subscribers they receive, the more bonus rewards they get.  Also come with a robust email reminder system that reminds them to keep referring their friends.

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OIO Publisher

A fantastic plugin for any WordPress owner who is looking to automate the ability to allow people to advertise on your blog.  Once you have added the different ad zones, the plugin will do the rest.  It sets up a page for advertiser to purchase and upload their banner ads, then OIO automatically pubalishes their banner in the zone they set.  A must for any blog owner wanted to have full control over their ad space.

Read Review (Coming Soon) » | Buy ($47) – $10 off w/ coupon code (SPRING11-SOS)


Ninja Affiliate

For any Affiliate Marketer who is looking to hide their affiliate links, this is the tool for you.  This plugin allows you to mask your affiliate links to brandable URLs, automatically turn keywords on your blog into affiliate links, and manage/track all of your affiliate links in one simple interface.

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PopUp Domination

Another great additional to your list building toolkit.  This WordPress plugin or standalone, allows you to add a well-designed lightbox Opt-In popup whenever a visitor comes to your website or blog.  This has proven to improve our email list and highly recommend ever grabs a copy of it for their site.

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I have been with GoDaddy for years and have had nothing be great things to say about them.  I use them as my main domain registrar and have had no complaints.  They have great customer support and always have coupon codes that make it super cheap to buy domains.

Buy a Domain ($7.49/year)



MediaTemple is what we host StayOnSearch with and I have been extremely happy with their hosting services.  I will admit that their hosting costs probably a little bit more than the rest, however their customer service is second to none!  Within minutes I can be on the phone with a customer support tech who has helped me with issues not even related to my hosting.

Buy Hosting ($20 – $50/month)

Email Marketing


By far and away the best and easiest e-mail marketing and auto-responder service available.  If you are an Internet or Affiliate Marketer, the $19/month is well worth its value!  Create opt-in forms, manage email lists, setup auto-responder sequences, send text or HTML emails to your subscribers and advanced reporting.

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PPC Tools


Probably the BEST PPC tool that I have ever used.  If you are investing a lot of time and money into Pay-Per-Click, you may want to look into this tool.  SpeedPPC saves you TONS of time and money, by helping to structure your campaigns properly and hyper-target your quality scores.  A must for any PPC marketer!

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Video Tools

Easy Video Player 2.0

EVP 2.0 allows you to have full control over your videos on your website or blog.  Customize the look and feel of the video player, setup custom privacy controls, integrate social sharing features, and create a brandable video…unlike YouTube where you always have the YouTube logo in the bottom right of your videos.  This video embed system is extremely robust and a MUST for anyone who is series about creating video content for the web.

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Traffic Geyser

Traffic Geyser is the ultimate video syndication tool, that allows you to upload your video and then syndicate it across tons of other video sharing sites.  You can also create web 2.0 and social bookmarking links to these videos with easy.  If you are looking to create, upload and gain massive amounts of exposure for your videos, Traffic Geyser is the best in the business.

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Twitter Resources


TweetAdder is taking Twitter to a whole new level.  If you are looking to gain a massive amount of targeted followers on Twitter, get this tool.  It allows you to search profiles for keywords that are related to your business and start following them, automatically.  You can schedule tweets, direct messages, @replies, and a ton more great features.

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There are a lot of different Twitter clients that are available nowadays, however I have stuck with Hootsuite from the beginning.  What I love best about Hootsuite over Tweekdeck, is there is no software to install on your computer, it is all web-based.  You can also manage ALL of your social networks within Hootsuite.  Also, since I manage a number of clients social media campaigns I can easily add their accounts, schedule tweets, run multiple campaigns with ease.

Read Review (Coming Soon) » | Get Hootsuite (Free – $5.99/month)

Internet Marketing Courses

Facebook Ads Guide

An excellent course created by super affiliate Jonathan Volk, would gives you the blueprint to advertising on Facebook.  He covers everything from ad creation, to bidding strategies, to ad testing, and overall how to maximize your ROI using the Facebook Ad platform.

With Google Adwords getting so expensive, this was a MUST course for me and am still applying the techniques he teaches today.

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Become A Blogger

Created by pro blogger Yaro Starak and video marketing expert Gideon Shalwick, they have created a video training series that takes you from the very basics to advanced blogging strategies.  Everything from setting up your blog, to creating valuable content, to promotion strategies to drive traffic and build your brand.  This course covers everything for anyone looking to get into the blogging business and start your own blog.

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Community Tools

Wishlist Member

If you are looking to create a membership site using WordPress, Wishlist Member is one of the best plugins out there.  You can customize different membership levels, which content they have access to and provide unique access logins.  It also has shopping cart integration, which will allow your members to purchase using popular checkout options like Paypal, Clickbank, and many others.


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StayOnSearch uses JobPress to power it’s Job Board that allows IM and HR companies to publish new job opportunities, as well as allows marketers to find a job.  This system is super simple to setup and use.  It allows you to set the cost for publishing a new job, as well as has integration with paypal for job providers to pay for this listing.

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WP Answers

This WordPress plugin transforms your blog into a Question/Answer site, where users can create an account and ask/answer questions.  Also include is a system that pulls questions from Yahoo Answers and auto-posts them to your site, any replys are also posted so your site looks busy from the start.  A great addition to any website/blog that is looking to incorporate user-generated content or a community.

If you are looking to add a social component to your site, make sure you check out WP Answers.

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Ghost Bloggers is a unique marketplace where website owners and content writers can meet and buy/sell content.  There are posts already written, which you can purchase, or you can request a piece of content on a specific topic and someone within the community will write it for you.

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