Photo sharing has made a booming market in recent years helping both small and large businesses alike. It can be used to properly manage marketing strategies, keep employees up-to-date and better interact with customers and clients. While it started as a simple tool with which friends and family members could use to share memorable moments, photo sharing has exposed a whole new world which businesses are now exploiting to improve productivity and gain the attention of potential prospects and clients while entertaining viewers at the same time.

Photo Sharing and Online Businesses

Even if you have not really created a profile on any photo sharing site, you may have used this service without realizing it. Those times you took a screenshot and sent to a client or employee for clarifications, login into your marketplace account to view the screenshots taken from the computer of your provider, etc. The list can go on, but I hope you get the idea; photo sharing has been there for quite some time. And yes, there is some advancement which now allows users to gather and organize digital images and share with friends and family, business colleagues and clients.

As an online business owner or a blogger, the marketing and business promotion power of photo sharing starts where in-text strategies stopped. It is now handy in business promotion, to gain the attention of the right audience and in targeted traffic generation. You can share photos of your products and services or those that complement them. This is a strategy that has helped me in promoting my Mixbook review blog and Pinnacle coupon site. And guess what? It has been working beyond my expectations.

When you are ready to exploit the benefits of photo sharing, there are many platforms you can take advantage of. But it seems the trend is now moving in favour of the newest social media crazy, Pinterest, and of course Facebook, which is about to hit a billion users. If you think less of photo sharing as a business promotion strategy, experiment with these two platforms in 2013, and remember to share the amazing results you will get with us.


Pinterest comes first because it is the newest photo sharing site that has proven very fruitful with huge growth and engagement stats. It is a social site where you can create boards and pin any image of interest from around the web, including options to share your pins across other social networks like Facebook. Pinterest also allows users to link back to their site thereby serving them even more link juice that could aid in serp ranking while directing interested viewers to their website at the same time.


Have you realized that Facebook is not just for friends and family activities but also for serious business promotions? While everybody don’t have a fat wallet to throw in for Facebook ads, creating a page comes with zero costs and you have no excuse for not having one as an online entrepreneur. You can create a page around your business or blog and post relevant photos which could be photos of your products and services followed with short descriptions for fans to understand what each image is meant to explain. You can even get several ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ from interested viewers with a chance for viral promotion.

Many other social networking sites have photo sharing features and these days, you can even tweet with an image from within your twitter profile. If you have been having less click-through on your tweets, maybe you need to give this a try 🙂

The truth be told, those tiny texts on your blog, facebook page or tweets can be boring at times. Most often, readers are always in a hurry for such sophisticated plain text updates. Have you really given a thought to why some sites have huge bounce rates and others record an engagement rate of more than 10mins per visitor? As the old saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words”.  I am not saying that lack of image is totally the reason for this, but hey, photo sharing can lighten up a blog post, facebook page and even tweets. It can help to grab the attention of targeted audience on social sites while giving your business the right exposure it deserves in your industry.