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Back to the Basics: Getting Started with Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation for any good search marketing campaign. Whether you are running a PPC campaign or optimizing your site for search engines, keyword research can make or break your search efforts. If you try to rank for keywords that are too broad you...

10 Tips on Finding the Right SEO Firm

Choosing the right SEO company to work with can be challenging. You want to find a company who is ethical, easy to work with, has open communication, and can show you results.  There also are going to be responsibilities between the agency and the client that should...

The 3 Tier Keyword Structure

So are you optimizing your pages the right way??? Brad Fallon, a leading search marketer, discussed a great way to structure your keywords/phrases on your website. He broke it up into 3 tiers. I will use the example he uses on his Stompernet video. Brad owns an...

4 Tips for Agencies on Setting Client Expectations

Setting the proper client expectations on the front-end is the key to any successful internet marketing campaign. Here is a list of things you should accomplish with your client before you start to implement your strategy. 1. Learning Their Objectives/Goals Before you...

Your Website SEO Checkup: 8 Part Series

Part 1: Search Engine Friendly Site Structure NoNo's for Search Engines Using a Text Navigation Creating Static Pages Descriptive URL's Internal Linking Structure Part 2: Keyword Research Initial Keyword List  Analytics Data  Keyword Research Tool Analyze Your Master...

Paypal vs Google Checkout

When looking to setup a merchant account, both Paypal and Google Checkout are great solutions. They both have pros and cons but I wanted to give a brief overview of the two merchant solutions. Solutions Paypal Paypal offers both a personal and business account. Google...

Lowering Your Bounce Rate: What to Analyze

Clients always seem to ask what bounce rate is. I wanted to explain what bounce rate is, the factors that determine bounce rate, how you should analyze it, and in what cases you should take action to lower your bounce rate. Defining Bounce Rate A Bounce is simply a...

Your Website SEO Checkup: Part 2 of 8 – Keyword Research

Keyword Research is vital to any effective search engine optimization campaign. If you optimize your site for the wrong keywords you could miss out on lots of traffic and potential customers that are trying to find what you do. I have broken up the keyword research...

Your Website SEO Checkup: Part 4 of 8 – Content Optimization

Content is the heart and soul of any good SEO strategy. Creating unique and compelling content is probably one of the hardest parts of anyone's SEO efforts. Search Engines love a website/blog that is updated frequently with lots of new, fresh content. The more...

Your Website SEO Checkup: Part 5 of 8 – Link Building

Link Building is probably the biggest aspect of off-site SEO. In this post I discuss how to find links, analyze your competitors for top link partners, how to develop great content for people to link to, and how to spread the word about your content. Analyzing Links...

Your Website SEO Checkup: Part 7 of 8 – Testing

Testing can be a never ending battle, depending on how thorough you are looking to test. The idea is to find the most effective web page that will lead to the best results. Your results may be, increased time on site, increase in page views, increase in # of signups,...

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