With content development and marketing being the most talked about topic when it comes to new ways to engage both visitors and search engines with your site, there is one big question many business owners will have.

What kind of content can my business create?

And depending on the type of business and their industry, this can be a tricky question to answer.

What Content Needs to be Link Worthy

Whether you are creating video, infographics, top 10 lists, or even simply blog posts, your content needs to appeal to (almost) everyone in order to be determined link worthy. So your goal when creating content for any industry is to think of a topic that is interesting to most anyone and relates back to the business for which it is being created.

Video Example: Salesforce, Chatter, and the Superbowl

Chatter.com: Halftime Ad 1 with will.i.am

Not a lot of people are going to get all crazy about a business social networking platform, especially during the Superbowl. Salesforce pulled it off in their ad for Chatter by incorporating the Superbowl’s half time performers into their advertisement and making it entertaining.

Infographic Example: Funeral Insurance and Imaginative Burial Spots

Click here for the full version.

There are few topics more depressing than funeral insurance, so finding link worthy content would be next to impossible right? Wrong! This funeral insurance company’s infographic is original and thought provoking, but in a good way, sharing some strange (or exciting) ways to be memorialized.

What Do These Examples Have in Common?

Both can be appealing to a wider audience than just those interested in business social networking or insurance. That is the key to success when it comes to link worthy content – making sure that your content will be interesting to more than just your target audience.

Why? Because if your content is getting links and high visibility, chances are that people in your target audience will eventually come across it (whether immediately or down the road) and be impressed by the creative ways that your business has found to reach its market. And that kind of first impression is bound to lead to conversions!

Your Best Content Examples

Now it’s your turn! What have been your best finds when it comes to businesses creating amazing content for a possibly “difficult” niche or industry?