Darren Rowse from ProBlogger asked the question on his blog, “What was your biggest traffic day and how did you achieve it?”  I thought it would be fun for everyone to share their story about their biggest traffic day on their website or blog and how you were able to generate that type of traffic.

What Was My Biggest Traffic Day?

Personally for me, the biggest traffic day was in September of this year, when I received 2,450 unique visitors to my blog.

How Did I achieve It?

I was able to achieve this traffic because of a number of reasons.  This was the day I launched my free StayOnSearch 10 Week Internet Marketing Course.  In order to get the word out about my new course, I wanted to make sure I had coverage on many of the major industry blogs out there.  About 2-3 weeks before the launch, I contacted my network of friends in the industry through Twitter, E-mail and IM to tell them about the new course I was creating.  I also sent over a copy of the course for them to review.  With the course attachment, I asked them if they would either be able to write a review on the course or allow me to write a guest post promoting it.  Before I knew it, I have probably 10-12 people who were happy to help promote it.

Here is a list of some of the coverage I got:

Just by going out and leveraging my social network, I was able to help drive a significant amount of traffic to my site.

On top of the social outreach that I did, I also heavily promoted the launch post on social bookmarking sites like Sphinn.com, StumbleUpon, Buzz, Mixx, and a few others.  This also helped to drive a good amount of traffic to the site.  Of course on the day I posted about the course, I had lots of Tweets and Facebook shares, which helped it gain even more exposure.

Your Turn

So tell me about your biggest traffic day and what you did to get there? Feel free to link to the post in your comment.