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Does Google Have A Record On You? How to Protect Yourself!

Posted by Steven Papas - February 27, 2013 - SEO

If you are using any of Google’s products, then Google might have a dossier on you. But the question is who doesn’t? Many people are uncomfortable with the amount of information Google gathers and stores on its users. With the recent privacy rules update, Google now has the right to record users’ actions across all […]

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How To Use Photo Books For Business In 2013

Posted by Steven Papas - January 20, 2013 - SEM

What comes to your mind when you see, hear or read about photo books? The truth is we all tend to picture some personal mementos like books for weddings, birthday and other personal events. These are, of course, among the major matches for a photo book, but they are not all. In reality, we can […]

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Where to Focus Your Photo Sharing Efforts in 2013

Posted by Steven Papas - October 3, 2012 - SEO

Photo sharing has made a booming market in recent years helping both small and large businesses alike. It can be used to properly manage marketing strategies, keep employees up-to-date and better interact with customers and clients. While it started as a simple tool with which friends and family members could use to share memorable moments, […]

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