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Introduction to Product Recommendation Engines

Posted by Ruban Corbo - February 15, 2013 - SEM

For those adept at internet marketing, you may have heard of product recommendation engines before. For those who haven’t, you’ve likely stumbled upon one in your internet browsing experience before and weren’t aware of it. What is a Product Recommendation Engine? A product recommendation engine takes into account the user’s previous internet browsing history and […]

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Why You Need to Run Multivariate Tests

Posted by Ruban Corbo - June 25, 2012 - Design/Development, SEO

It’s been several years since your website’s last major update. The design is starting to look outdated even though you’re still adding new content every day. You know it’s time for change, but you’re understandably hesitant because things seem to be working out just fine: you’ve got a steady stream of traffic, most of who […]

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How Social A/B Testing Generates Traffic

Posted by Ruban Corbo - January 25, 2012 - Social Media

Marketers have long understood the benefits of ab testing content on their site to increase subscriptions, signups, and sales through small changes on elements of their site. In this increasingly interactive web, have you considered the placement of your social buttons? Optimizing your public image can result in more shares, followers, and an increase in […]

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