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How Your Web Hosting Service Can Affect Your SEO

Posted by David Murton - May 16, 2011 - SEO

Although high quality content and authoritative, relevant inbound links are the primary SEO concerns for most site owners, choosing an optimal web hosting service may be more important than some realize. First and Foremost: The Administrative Panel One of your top priorities when choosing a web hosting service is the quality and features of the […]

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Can Your Search Engine Rankings Be Damaged By Tricky Competitors?

Posted by David Murton - April 22, 2011 - SEO

For those of you who thought black hat SEO methods were reserved to those guys who clutter your inbox with subject lines like, “Make $2,500 per day with affiliate ads!!!” or “FREE wireless internet provider – click here!”, think again. In 2006, Google caught car maker BMW using a black hat scheme to improve the […]

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